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Beltway Elite New York 7s Men's Premier Champions.

Thanksgiving Saturday brought over 140 teams to Randall’s Island, N.Y. for the 59th annual New York 7s Tournament. Twelve divisions saw over 2,000 players play rugby to close out the fall season. Sponsored by the New York Rugby Club, the event was live-streamed on FloRugby to bring the New York City action to the masses.

Starting at 8:00 am, rugby 7s took over Randall’s Island for eight hours on 16 fields. When the dust settled after 268 games, teams from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, District of Columbia/Maryland, Belgium, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Québec took home the trophies.

“NY7s is a special event where teams travel from all over to participate in the tournament,” tournament director Dan Cavanaugh said. “We work to provide a great tournament for everyone, and there’s no bigger compliment than seeing the teams who come back year after year to play with us. Teams are passionate about and look forward to playing in NY7s every year. We’re lucky that we get to host the tournament in the greatest city in the world, and our focus is and always will be on making this the best tournament experience that we can for all who come to join us.”

As for the results, the Upright Rugby Rogues of Oakfield, Ont. won the club girl’s high school division and the Atlantic Girls U18 of Lafayette Hill, Pa. prevailed in the premier division. For the boy’s high school, the Eastern Ontario Rugby Union of Ottawa, Ont. won in the club division and the Canadian Misfit Rugby – Red of Toronto, Ont. beat CODP in the premier division.

Canada swept the women’s divisions Saturday. In the club group, the Nova Scotia Keltics beat the Aurora Barbarians and Phénix of Québec took out RMC in the college final. The Ottawa Irish won the social division over the NYRC Olde Love and Équipe Québec Women of Montreal, Québec triumphed in the premier final against Scion Rugby Academy.

In the men’s divisions, the Beltway Elite of the Capital Rugby Union won the five-team round-robin premier group over the Northeast Academy and Connecticut’s Bulldog Rugby conquered Atlantis, 28-3, in the collegiate division. The hometown Pacific Island Warriors beat the Village Lions in the club grouping and the massive 32-team social division ended with the Belgium Barbarians taking the trophy back to Europe versus the Godsquad.

The competition was high all day long and only was topped by the sportsmanship and respect of each team that played. “When we were giving out the trophies, many which were sponsored by our lead sponsor HKETONY, I was impressed with the sportsmanship and attitudes of the teams who received the Cup Runner-Up trophies,” Cavanaugh said. “While it is disappointing to lose in a championship match, their positive attitudes, congratulations of the winners, and excitement when receiving their runner-up trophies truly embody the spirit of NY7s.”

New York Rugby Club would like to thank everyone that help put on the enormous event. “We had a lot of people from across NYRC who stepped up in a big way to help make the day so successful,” Cavanaugh concluded. “We’d never be able to have 250+ games in a day without them and their dedication to making this such a special day for so many teams. This was also the first year we partnered with FloRugby to live stream three of our premier fields. They did a great job with high-quality streams, having commentators for the matches and providing more exposure for teams and the sport as Rugby Sevens continues to get more attention nationally.”

Here are the results of New York 7s:

DIVISIONCup ChampionCup Runner-upPlate WinnerBowl Winner
Men's PremierBeltway Elite 7s (1st place)Northeast Academy Men (2nd)Schuylkill River (3rd)R.C.C. (4th)
Men's ClubPacific Island WarriorsVillage Lions MenRC des TrapanelsChannel 4 Booze Team
Men's SocialBelgium BarbariansGodsquadLiberty 9410Parco
Men's CollegeBulldogAtlantisPelham HS Alumni PelicansNordet Sans Brocoli
Women's PremierEquipe Quebec WomenScion Rugby AcademyLindenwood UniversityNortheast Academy 1 Women
Women's ClubNova Scotia KelticsAurora BarbariansSherbrookeThe Scoring Scouts
Women's SocialOttawa Irish WomenNYRC Olde LoveCRQ 4Sherbrooke Femme Fatales
Women's CollegePhenixRMC WomenHofstra WomenStony Brook Women
Boys' HS PremierCanadian Misfit - RedCODP BoysToronto Elite RedsCanadian Misfit - Black
Boys' HS ClubEORURugby NJPEI U18 BoysBerks High School
Girls' HS PremierAtlantis Girls U18Upright Rugby RoguesEORU Girls PremierEquipe Quebec
Girls' HS ClubUpright Rugby RoguesEORU Girls ClubFalconsPEI U18 Girls A
Boys HS-ClubPOOL AUpright Rugby Rogues19NYRC Rugby Boys0
Boys HS-ClubPOOL BARL Legion12Aspetuck Valley24
Boys HS-ClubPOOL BRugby NJ12Berks High School10
Boys HS-ClubPOOL DGreenwich Sevens12RugbyPA All-State B10
Boys HS-ClubPOOL CEORU71St. Francis Prep0
Boys HS-ClubPOOL CPRUSA Academy Boys15Greenwich Sevens B0
Boys HS-ClubPOOL DSTL Lions "Mini-Fits"35Titans Male7
Boys HS-ClubPOOL AUpright Rugby Rogues17PEI U18 Boys7
Boys HS-ClubPOOL CEORU24PRUSA Academy Boys7
Boys HS-ClubPOOL BARL Legion12Berks High School21
Boys HS-ClubPOOL CSt. Francis Prep12Greenwich Sevens B38
Boys HS-ClubPOOL BRugby NJ19Aspetuck Valley7
Boys HS-ClubPOOL DGreenwich Sevens19STL Lions "Mini-Fits"0
Boys HS-ClubPOOL DRugbyPA All-State B14Titans Male19
Boys HS-ClubPOOL APEI U18 Boys36NYRC Rugby Boys5
Boys HS-ClubCONSOLSt. Francis PrepLossRugbyPA All-State BWin
Boys HS-ClubPLATE SEMIPEI U18 Boys12Aspetuck Valley5
Boys HS-ClubPLATE SEMIPRUSA Academy BoysWinSTL Lions "Mini-Fits"Loss
Boys HS-ClubCUP SEMIUpright Rugby Rogues0Rugby NJ21
Boys HS-ClubCUP SEMIEORU28Greenwich Sevens5
Boys HS-ClubBOWL SEMINYRC Rugby Boys10Berks High School28
Boys HS-ClubBOWL SEMIGreenwich Sevens B10Titans Male22
Boys HS-ClubCONSOLARL Legion29RugbyPA All-State B0
Boys HS-ClubBOWL FINALBerks High School24Titans Male10
Boys HS-ClubPLATE FINALPEI U18 Boys17PRUSA Academy Boys15
Boys HS-PremierPOOL BRugbyPA All-State14CODP Boys36
Boys HS-PremierPOOL AUpright Rugby Rogues33Northeast Academy21
Boys HS-PremierPOOL BEquipe Quebec Boys0Canadian Misfit - Red36
Boys HS-PremierPOOL AToronto Elite Reds26Canadian Misfit - Black19
Boys HS-PremierPOOL AUpright Rugby Rogues17Canadian Misfit - Black10
Boys HS-PremierPOOL BRugbyPA All-State7Canadian Misfit - Red19
Boys HS-PremierPOOL BEquipe Quebec Boys0CODP Boys36
Boys HS-PremierPOOL AToronto Elite Reds19Northeast Academy19
Boys HS-PremierPOOL AUpright Rugby Rogues14Toronto Elite Reds28
Boys HS-PremierPOOL ANortheast Academy7Canadian Misfit - Black33
Boys HS-PremierPOOL BCanadian Misfit - Red26CODP Boys31
Boys HS-PremierPOOL BRugbyPA All-State17Equipe Quebec Boys0
Boys HS-PremierCUP SEMIToronto Elite Reds5Canadian Misfit - Red37
Boys HS-PremierBOWL SEMICanadian Misfit - Black38Equipe Quebec Boys7
Boys HS-PremierBOWL SEMIRugbyPA All-State33Northeast Academy12
Boys HS-PremierCUP SEMICODP Boys36Upright Rugby Rogues0
Boys HS-PremierPLATE FINALToronto Elite Reds29Upright Rugby Rogues7
Boys HS-PremierBOWL FINALCanadian Misfit - Black17RugbyPA All-State12
Boys HS-PremierCUP FINALCanadian Misfit - RedWinCODP BoysLoss
Girls HS-ClubPOOL AEORU Girls Club37PEI U18 Girls5
Girls HS-ClubPOOL BPEI U18 Girls10NYRC Girls35
Girls HS-ClubPOOL CAtlantis Girls U1768PEI U18 Girls A0
Girls HS-ClubPOOL DUpright Rugby Rogues41PRUSA Academy Girls0
Girls HS-ClubPOOL AFalcons39PEI U18 Girls10
Girls HS-ClubPOOL BPEI U18 Girls0Titans Limoilou 136
Girls HS-ClubPOOL CAtlantis Girls U1738Faucons0
Girls HS-ClubPOOL DUpright Rugby Rogues33Eagles7
Girls HS-ClubPOOL AEORU Girls Club26Falcons5
Girls HS-ClubPOOL CFaucons30PEI U18 Girls A5
Girls HS-ClubPOOL DEagles29PRUSA Academy Girls12
Girls HS-ClubPOOL BTitans Limoilou 122NYRC Girls10
Girls HS-ClubCUP SEMIEORU Girls Club12Titans Limoilou 10
Girls HS-ClubCUP SEMIUpright Rugby Rogues29Atlantis Girls U1715
Girls HS-ClubPLATE SEMIFalcons29NYRC Girls10
Girls HS-ClubPLATE SEMIEagles25Faucons10
Girls HS-ClubBOWL SEMILimoilou Titans 2WinPEI U18 GirlsLoss
Girls HS-ClubBOWL SEMIPRUSA Academy GirlsLossPEI U18 Girls AWin
Girls HS-ClubCUP FINALUpright Rugby Rogues38EORU Girls Club0
Girls HS-ClubPLATE FINALFalcons14Eagles12
Girls HS-ClubBOWL FINALLimoilou Titans 215PEI U18 Girls A22
Girls HS-PremierPOOL AEORU Girls Premier42Blaze5
Girls HS-PremierPOOL BUpright Rugby Rogues33Equipe Quebec14
Girls HS-PremierPOOL BAtlantis Girls U1824Canadian Misfit - Girls0
Girls HS-PremierPOOL AToronto Elite Reds45Northeast Academy0
Girls HS-PremierPOOL BUpright Rugby Rogues22Canadian Misfit - Girls19
Girls HS-PremierPOOL AEORU Girls Premier34Northeast Academy0
Girls HS-PremierPOOL AToronto Elite Reds20Blaze5
Girls HS-PremierPOOL BAtlantis Girls U1847Equipe Quebec7
Girls HS-PremierPOOL AEORU Girls Premier29Toronto Elite Reds7
Girls HS-PremierPOOL BUpright Rugby Rogues0Atlantis Girls U1845
Girls HS-PremierPOOL BCanadian Misfit - Girls29Equipe Quebec12
Girls HS-PremierPOOL ANortheast Academy10Blaze31
Girls HS-PremierBOWL SEMIBlaze7Equipe Quebec28
Girls HS-PremierBOWL SEMICanadian Misfit - Girls53Northeast Academy0
Girls HS-PremierCUP SEMIEORU Girls Premier17Upright Rugby Rogues24
Girls HS-PremierCUP SEMIAtlantis Girls U1828Toronto Elite Reds0
Girls HS-PremierBOWL FINALEquipe QuebecWinCanadian Misfit - GirlsLoss
Girls HS-PremierPLATE FINALEORU Girls Premier29Toronto Elite Reds0
Girls HS-PremierCUP FINALUpright Rugby RoguesLossAtlantis Girls U18Win
Men-ClubPOOL COttawa Irish A24DC's Finest0
Men-ClubPOOL DPacific Island Warriors50FDNY Bravest0
Men-ClubPOOL AVillage Lions Men33Trenton Scar7
Men-ClubPOOL BNaughty Bears B28Ottawa Irish B0
Men-ClubPOOL DSt-Anne-de-Bozos50FDNY Bravest0
Men-ClubPOOL ARC des Trapanels22Trenton Scar10
Men-ClubPOOL BChannel 4 Booze Team7Ottawa Irish B10
Men-ClubPOOL CDrexel University0DC's Finest24
Men-ClubPOOL DPacific Island Warriors36St-Anne-de-Bozos0
Men-ClubPOOL AVillage Lions Men38RC des Trapanels7
Men-ClubPOOL BNaughty Bears B42Channel 4 Booze Team12
Men-ClubPOOL COttawa Irish A31Drexel University5
Men-ClubBOWL SEMITrenton Scar18Channel 4 Booze Team26
Men-ClubBOWL SEMIDrexel University7FDNY Bravest19
Men-ClubPLATE SEMIRC des Trapanels19Ottawa Irish B7
Men-ClubPLATE SEMIDC's Finest0St-Anne-de-Bozos15
Men-ClubCUP SEMIVillage Lions Men32Naughty Bears B0
Men-ClubCUP SEMIOttawa Irish A7Pacific Island Warriors26
Men-ClubPLATE FINALRC des Trapanels24St-Anne-de-Bozos14
Men-ClubBOWL FINALChannel 4 Booze Team24FDNY Bravest0
Men-ClubCUP FINALVillage Lions Men14Pacific Island Warriors27
Men-CollegePOOL AAtlantis43Stony Brook B0
Men-CollegePOOL DStony Brook A0Bulldog50
Men-CollegePOOL BNew Blue19Pelicans7
Men-CollegePOOL CMURFC 10Molloy College B15
Men-CollegePOOL DStony Brook A31Nordet Sans Brocoli12
Men-CollegePOOL AAtlantis25Bombers0
Men-CollegePOOL CMURFC 141West Chester7
Men-CollegePOOL BNew Blue24Molloy College A17
Men-CollegePOOL ABombers7Stony Brook B5
Men-CollegePOOL BMolloy College A0Pelicans27
Men-CollegePOOL DNordet Sans Brocoli7Bulldog41
Men-CollegePOOL CWest Chester36Molloy College B10
Men-CollegeBOWL SEMIStony Brook B15Molloy College A17
Men-CollegeBOWL SEMIMolloy College B5Nordet Sans Brocoli19
Men-CollegeCUP SEMIAtlantis36New Blue0
Men-CollegeCUP SEMIMURFC 17Bulldog52
Men-CollegePLATE SEMIBombers0Pelicans59
Men-CollegePLATE SEMIWest Chester12Stony Brook A26
Men-CollegePLATE FINALPelicansWinStony Brook ALoss
Men-CollegeBOWL FINALMolloy College A10Nordet Sans Brocoli24
Men-CollegeCUP FINALAtlantis3Bulldog28
Men-PremierPOOLNortheast Academy Men38Schuylkill River19
Men-PremierPOOLR.C.C.7Equipe Quebec Men7
Men-PremierPOOLNortheast Academy Men19Equipe Quebec Men7
Men-PremierPOOLSchuylkill River10Beltway Elite 7s12
Men-PremierPOOLNortheast Academy Men7Beltway Elite 7s14
Men-PremierPOOLR.C.C.5Schuylkill River19
Men-PremierPOOLEquipe Quebec Men14Schuylkill River24
Men-PremierPOOLBeltway Elite 7s26R.C.C.21
Men-PremierPOOLEquipe Quebec Men7Beltway Elite 7s31
Men-PremierPOOLNortheast Academy Men29R.C.C.21
Men-SocialPOOL ALiberty 941019Parco12
Men-SocialPOOL AMob 20170CRQ33
Men-SocialPOOL BPacific Island Warriors50Ammaretto's Limes0
Men-SocialPOOL BEnfield RFC15Bytown Blues0
Men-SocialPOOL CRed Ruggers7UL Rugby Mens29
Men-SocialPOOL CYFBL Molloy Alumni31Ashbury Alumni10
Men-SocialPOOL DGodsquad26RCM Old Stars5
Men-SocialPOOL DXV de Montreal7Nordet Brocoli29
Men-SocialPOOL ENew York Rugby Club47TPS Blues0
Men-SocialPOOL EX-Cons - C'est Tout7MURFC 217
Men-SocialPOOL FNaughty Bears A19NJSP5
Men-SocialPOOL FWanderers0Rogue Samurai15
Men-SocialPOOL GGotham Knights21Rugby Club Montreal 124
Men-SocialPOOL GNorthern Dusty Dingos19MOB14
Men-SocialPOOL HBelgium Barbarians26Enfield RFC 27
Men-SocialPOOL HBaltimore HAGS26NYRC Old Stars5
Men-SocialPOOL ALiberty 94100CRQ24
Men-SocialPOOL AParco51Mob 20170
Men-SocialPOOL BPacific Island Warriors38Enfield RFC5
Men-SocialPOOL BAmmaretto's Limes15Bytown Blues0
Men-SocialPOOL CUL Rugby Mens19YFBL Molloy Alumni12
Men-SocialPOOL CRed Ruggers38Ashbury Alumni12
Men-SocialPOOL DGodsquad24Nordet Brocoli19
Men-SocialPOOL DXV de Montreal26RCM Old Stars0
Men-SocialPOOL ENew York Rugby Club38MURFC 27
Men-SocialPOOL ETPS Blues17X-Cons - C'est Tout15
Men-SocialPOOL FNaughty Bears A5Rogue Samurai41
Men-SocialPOOL FWanderers26NJSP12
Men-SocialPOOL GRugby Club Montreal 10Northern Dusty Dingos40
Men-SocialPOOL GGotham Knights14MOB36
Men-SocialPOOL HBelgium Barbarians62Baltimore HAGS0
Men-SocialPOOL HEnfield RFC 220NYRC Old Stars17
Men-SocialCUP QFCRQ26Pacific Island Warriors0
Men-SocialBOWL QFRed Ruggers14XV de Montreal7
Men-SocialPLATE QFLiberty 941041Enfield RFC5
Men-SocialCONSOLAshbury Alumni36RCM Old Stars19
Men-SocialBOWL QFParco34Ammaretto's Limes19
Men-SocialCONSOLMob 201715Bytown Blues0
Men-SocialCUP QFUL Rugby Mens0Godsquad28
Men-SocialBOWL QFTPS Blues0Wanderers46
Men-SocialPLATE QFYFBL Molloy Alumni24Nordet Brocoli26
Men-SocialCONSOLX-Cons - C'est Tout5NJSP21
Men-SocialBOWL QFMOB33Enfield RFC 219
Men-SocialCONSOLGotham Knights5NYRC Old Stars19
Men-SocialCUP QFNorthern Dusty DingosLossBelgium BarbariansWin
Men-SocialPLATE QFRugby Club Montreal 128Baltimore HAGS14
Men-SocialCUP QFNew York Rugby Club21Rogue Samurai26
Men-SocialPLATE QFMURFC 224Naughty Bears A0
Men-SocialCUP SEMICRQ19Godsquad21
Men-SocialPLATE SEMILiberty 941033Nordet Brocoli0
Men-SocialBOWL SEMIRed Ruggers14Parco31
Men-SocialCUP SEMIRogue Samurai21Belgium Barbarians40
Men-SocialPLATE SEMIMURFC 217Rugby Club Montreal 126
Men-SocialBOWL SEMIWanderers19MOB26
Men-SocialPLATE FINALLiberty 941038Rugby Club Montreal 112
Men-SocialBOWL FINALParco17MOB5
Men-SocialCUP FINALGodsquad7Belgium Barbarians21
Women-ClubPOOL BNew Haven Women21Barrhaven Scottish10
Women-ClubPOOL BNova Scotia Keltics24Sherbrooke7
Women-ClubPOOL AScottsdale Blues24The Scoring Scouts10
Women-ClubPOOL AVillage Lions Women5Aurora Barbarians31
Women-ClubPOOL BNew Haven Women5Sherbrooke36
Women-ClubPOOL BNova Scotia Keltics34Barrhaven Scottish0
Women-ClubPOOL AScottsdale Blues17Aurora Barbarians12
Women-ClubPOOL AVillage Lions Women17The Scoring Scouts12
Women-ClubPOOL BNew Haven Women0Nova Scotia Keltics61
Women-ClubPOOL BSherbrooke41Barrhaven Scottish5
Women-ClubPOOL AScottsdale Blues22Village Lions Women12
Women-ClubPOOL AAurora Barbarians19The Scoring Scouts19
Women-ClubCUP SEMIScottsdale Blues5Nova Scotia Keltics42
Women-ClubCUP SEMISherbrooke0Aurora Barbarians15
Women-ClubBOWL SEMIVillage Lions Women17Barrhaven Scottish12
Women-ClubBOWL SEMINew Haven Women14The Scoring Scouts22
Women-ClubBOWL FINALThe Scoring Scouts39Village Lions Women0
Women-ClubPLATE FINALScottsdale Blues5Sherbrooke39
Women-ClubCUP FINALNova Scotia Keltics42Aurora Barbarians7
Women-CollegePOOLRMC Women17Ithaca Renegades7
Women-CollegePOOLStony Brook Women0Hofstra Women17
Women-CollegePOOLNew Paltz Women0Phenix32
Women-CollegePOOLRMC Women0Hofstra Women38
Women-CollegePOOLStony Brook Women5Phenix47
Women-CollegePOOLNew Paltz Women17Ithaca Renegades12
Women-CollegePOOLRMC Women0Phenix39
Women-CollegePOOLStony Brook Women5Ithaca Renegades15
Women-CollegePOOLNew Paltz Women22Hofstra Women19
Women-CollegeBOWL FINALStony Brook Women27Ithaca Renegades5
Women-CollegeCUP SEMINew Paltz Women12RMC Women27
Women-CollegeCUP SEMIPhenix29Hofstra Women5
Women-CollegeCUP FINALRMC WomenLossPhenixWin
Women-CollegePLATE FINALNew Paltz Women0Hofstra Women15
Women-PremierPOOLEquipe Quebec Women22Northeast Academy 2 Women14
Women-PremierPOOLLindenwood University10Scion Rugby Academy19
Women-PremierPOOLNYRC Women5Northeast Academy 1 Women36
Women-PremierPOOLLindenwood University22Northeast Academy 2 Women12
Women-PremierPOOLNYRC Women7Scion Rugby Academy47
Women-PremierPOOLEquipe Quebec Women20Northeast Academy 1 Women0
Women-PremierPOOLLindenwood University26Northeast Academy 1 Women7
Women-PremierPOOLEquipe Quebec Women24Scion Rugby Academy14
Women-PremierPOOLNYRC Women7Northeast Academy 2 Women29
Women-PremierBOWL FINALNYRC Women0Northeast Academy 1 Women47
Women-PremierCUP SEMIEquipe Quebec Women33Lindenwood University19
Women-PremierCUP SEMIScion Rugby Academy41Northeast Academy 2 Women12
Women-PremierPLATE FINALLindenwood University15Northeast Academy 2 Women14
Women-PremierCUP FINALEquipe Quebec Women26Scion Rugby Academy12
Women-SocialPOOL AOttawa Irish Women43Molloy Alumni0
Women-SocialPOOL AAmaretto Limettes34Wandering Ravens10
Women-SocialPOOL BLong Island Women17CRQ 424
Women-SocialPOOL BRogue Samurai29Sherbrooke Femme Fatales10
Women-SocialPOOL CWaterloo Nuggets10Gladiateurs22
Women-SocialPOOL CLumberjacks5TPS Blues5
Women-SocialPOOL DNYRC Olde Love22Lucky Guns n' Roses7
Women-SocialPOOL DDanbury Rugby25Rugby Club Montreal5
Women-SocialPOOL AOttawa Irish Women24Amaretto Limettes5
Women-SocialPOOL AMolloy Alumni21Wandering Ravens5
Women-SocialPOOL BCRQ 417Rogue Samurai26
Women-SocialPOOL BLong Island Women7Sherbrooke Femme Fatales19
Women-SocialPOOL CGladiateurs22Lumberjacks10
Women-SocialPOOL CWaterloo Nuggets17TPS Blues12
Women-SocialPOOL DNYRC Olde Love12Danbury Rugby5
Women-SocialPOOL DLucky Guns n' Roses29Rugby Club Montreal10
Women-SocialPLATE SEMIAmaretto Limettes10CRQ 417
Women-SocialCONSOLWandering Ravens23Long Island Women0
Women-SocialPLATE SEMILumberjacks10Danbury Rugby20
Women-SocialCONSOLRugby Club Montreal10TPS Blues10
Women-SocialBOWL SEMIMolloy Alumni19Sherbrooke Femme Fatales22
Women-SocialBOWL SEMIWaterloo Nuggets10Lucky Guns n' Roses26
Women-SocialCUP SEMIOttawa Irish Women26Rogue Samurai0
Women-SocialCUP SEMIGladiateurs0NYRC Olde Love24
Women-SocialBOWL FINALSherbrooke Femme Fatales24Lucky Guns n' Roses21
Women-SocialCUP FINALOttawa Irish Women42NYRC Olde Love5
Women-SocialPLATE FINALCRQ 417Danbury Rugby10