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USA Rugby Credit.

A wild Saturday at the 2017 USA Rugby Emirates Airline Club 7s National Championship at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minn. ended with 16 teams advancing to the Cup Quarterfinals on Sunday. On a day of surprises and many pools won by point differential, only six teams walked away without a mark in the loss column. The Rugby Utah Selects, Washington Athletic Club (WAC), and the Denver Barbarians were undefeated on the Men’s side and New York, the San Diego Surfers, and Atavus emerged unscathed after the Women’s pool play. Sunday’s Cup Quarterfinals begin at 9:40am for the Women and 10:20 for the Men.


In the Men’s Pool A, Rugby Utah ran away with the group and a 3-0 record as it piled up 88 points of offense. The Connecticut Bulldogs (2-1) captured second place after beating the Austin Huns and the Beltway Elite, but suffered a rough 42-17 defeat to Rugby Utah. The Huns picked up their only win over Beltway, 29-7, in their final game as Beltway played valiantly but could not notch a victory on Saturday.

With 100 points scored, the WAC blasted Pool B and will take their undefeated record into the cup round Sunday. After dropping its first game to the WAC, 29-17, Old Blue recovered in their final two games by trouncing Dallas and Metropolis by a combined total of 81-10. After a promising start versus Metropolis, Dallas dropped its last two games to finish 1-2 and home team club, Metropolis, could not find traction on the field.

Pool C came down to the final two games with Belmont Shore and Schuylkill River fighting for second place. The Denver Barbarians clinched the pool with a 3-0 record, but it was the Exiles of Schuylkill River who pulled off the upset of the tournament on Day One. The Pennsylvania squad beat Belmont 17-12, however, it was Belmont who advanced to the cup round on point differential. In the final two games of the day, Charlotte beat Schuylkill on the final play to win 21-14, and Denver upended Belmont, 28-7. Fortunately for Belmont, it advanced with a -7 differential over Schuylkill’s -17.

Like Pool C, Pool D was ultra competitive with the top three teams tied with 2-1 records. The Chicago Lions, the Life West Gladiators, and the Santa Monica Dolphins traded blows with each other all day. With wins over Optimus and Santa Monica, the Lions took first with a +27 differential. Second place came down to one point as Life West advanced over Santa Monica after the Dolphins beat the Gladiators earlier in the day.

The Cup Quarterfinals start at 10:20am on Sunday as Rugby Utah plays Old Blue, Chicago is matched against Belmont Shore, the WAC draws the CT Bulldogs, and Denver takes on Life West to complete the first round of the playoffs.


For the Women, Pool A was hotly contested with three teams finishing with 2-1 records. The Life West Gladiatrix and Scion Rugby advanced based on a +49 and +44 point differential over the Glendale Merlins’ +12 mark. The defending champion Scion’s only loss came from the Merlins, 10-5, but excelled against Tempe and Life West. The Gladiatrix torched Glendale and Tempe to a total of 70-10 before succumbing to Scion in the final game, 21-10.

New York Rugby Club was in firm control of Pool B outscoring the opposition 91-17. After shutting out the Austin Valkyries, New York beat Chicago and Philadelphia to secure first place in the group. Like their men’s counterparts, the Chicago Lions advanced in the cup rounds by taking care of business against Austin and Philly. The Valkyries picked up their lone win against Philly.

The favorite of Pool C was the American Rugby Pro Training Center (ARPTC), but it was the San Diego Surfers who went undefeated. The Surfers beat ARPTC, 17-12, in their head-to-head, blanked the Atlanta Harlequins (24-0), and held off a late surge by Beantown to win 19-10. ARPTC began its day with two high scoring matches against Atlanta and Beantown (80-10 combined) before coming back earth with its loss to San Diego. Atlanta closed out Saturday with a 17-12 victory over Beantown.

The top seed from the Pacific South, Atavus, encountered minimal resistance until their final game in Pool D. Against Northern Virginia, the Seattle outfit trailed by a point with four minutes to go. Atavus’ Erica Legaspi scored the game-winner in the 11th minute to send her club to the quarterfinals. NOVA picked up wins against Orlando and Minneapolis to advance to Sunday, while home town Minneapolis beat Orlando, 21-10 in their final match.

Starting at 9:40am on Sunday, the Cup Quarterfinals begin with the matchup between Atavus and ARPTC followed by Life West versus the Chicago Lions, San Diego against NOVA, and finally, New York playing Scion.

Rugby Utah Selects 7s30882959
Bulldog Rugby 7s21755421
Austin Huns 7s124350-7
Beltway Elite 7s031790-73
Washington Athletic 7s301005050
Old Blue of New York 7s21983959
Dallas Reds 7s124570-25
Metropolis Rugby 7s0329113-84
Denver Barbarians 7s30962670
Belmont Shore Rugby 7s124350-7
Schuylkill River Exiles 7s124360-17
Charlotte Rugby 7s123379-46
Chicago Lions 7s21562927
Life West Gladiators 7s21625012
Santa Monica Dolphins 7s21554411
Optimus Rugby 7s032474-50
Rugby Utah Selects 7s17Austin Huns 7s7
Chicago Lions 7s24Optimus Rugby 7s0
Bulldog Rugby 7s32Beltway Elite 7s5
Life West Gladiators 7s17Santa Monica Dolphins 7s21
Old Blue of New York 7s17Washington Athletic 7s29
Denver Barbarians 7s27Schuylkill River Exiles 7s12
Metropolis Rugby 7s5Dallas Rugby 7s27
Belmont Shore Rugby 7s24Charlotte Rugby 7s5
Chicago Lions 7s15Santa Monica Dolphins 7s10
Rugby Utah Selects 7s29Beltway Elite 7s5
Life West Gladiators 7s26Optimus Rugby 7s12
Bulldog Rugby 7s26Austin Huns 7s7
Denver Barbarians 7s41Charlotte Rugby 7s7
Old Blue of New York 7s34Dallas Rugby 7s5
Belmont Shore Rugby 7s12Schuylkill River Exiles 7s17
Metropolis Rugby 7s19Washington Athletic 7s40
Rugby Utah Selects 7s42Bulldog Rugby 7s17
Beltway Elite 7s7Austin Huns 7s29
Chicago Lions 7s17Life West Gladiators 7s19
Santa Monica Dolphins 7s24Optimus Rugby 7s12
Old Blue of New York 7s47Metropolis Rugby 7s5
Dallas Rugby 7s14Washington Athletic 7s31
Denver Barbarians 7s28Belmont Shore Rugby 7s7
Charlotte Rugby 7s21Schuylkill River Exiles 7s14
Life West Gladiatrix 7s21803149
Scion Sirens 7s21642044
Glendale Merlins 7s21584612
Tempe Ninjas 7s035110-105
New York Rugby 7s30911774
Chicago Lions 7s21703832
Austin Valkyries 7s123871-33
Philadelphia Rugby 7s0328101-73
San Diego Surfers 7s30602238
American Rugby Pro 7s21892762
Atlanta Harlequins 7s122271-49
Beantown Rugby 7s032778-51
Seattle Atavus30833251
Northern Virginia Rugby 7s21584018
Minneapolis Rugby 7s124860-12
Orlando Rugby 7s031774-57
Scion Sirens 7s38Tempe Ninjas 7s0
Seattle Atavus31Minneapolis Rugby 7s15
Life West Gladiatrix 7s36Glendale Merlins 7s10
Northern Virginia Rugby 7s22Orlando Rugby 7s7
New York Rugby 7s33Austin Valkyries 7s0
American Rugby Pro 7s42Beantown Rugby 7s5
Philadelphia Rugby 7s7Chicago Lions 7s36
San Diego Surfers 7s24Atlanta Harlequins 7s0
Seattle Atavus31Orlando Rugby 7s0
Scion Sirens 7s5Glendale Merlins 7s10
Northern Virginia Rugby 7s19Minneapolis Rugby 7s12
Life West Gladiatrix 7s34Tempe Ninjas 7s0
American Rugby Pro 7s35Atlanta Harlequins 7s5
New York Rugby 7s26Chicago Lions 7s10
San Diego Surfers 7s19Beantown Rugby 7s10
Philadelphia Rugby 7s14Austin Valkyries 7s33
Scion Sirens 7s21Life West Gladiatrix 7s10
Glendale Merlins 7s38Tempe Ninjas 7s5
Seattle Atavus21Northern Virginia Rugby 7s17
Orlando Rugby 7s10Minneapolis Rugby 7s21
New York Rugby 7s32Philadelphia Rugby 7s7
Chicago Lions 7s24Austin Valkyries 7s5
American Rugby Pro 7s12San Diego Surfers 7s17
Atlanta Harlequins 7s17Beantown Rugby 7s12