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The Exchange is a regular Q&A put together by Jake Feury that features interesting people in the American rugby community. Jake, a recent graduate from Middlebury College, has been involved in rugby for a number of years now. Some of his playing experience includes the Morris Lions (NJ), the GPS Gallopers (Australia), Middlebury College (VT), Trinity College (Dublin), Atlantis, the Northeast Academy and various age-grade All-American trials and tours. 

This edition of The Exchange features Connor Wallace-Sims. Connor started playing rugby at nine-years-old. He played for his local club, Devonport Services, in England until he was sixteen. After making his debut for the men’s first side, he moved to Canterbury in the Southeast of England for two seasons. This led towards his time with the USA U-20 Junior All-Americans, which then led towards his time with New York Old Blue. Now he is training in Chula Vista full-time with the USA men’s sevens program.  

JF: How are you enjoying life, officially, as a professional athlete now? 

CW: It is honestly one of the best experiences ever. I was lucky enough to go on two tours to Sydney and Wellington. I didn’t get too much game time, but it was an awesome experience, as I got to see some of the best players in the world. When I did get on the field it was crazy. My blood was pumping. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. The training out here is hard and it is very much full-on. We are training two-to-three times per day. Most recently in the camp before Hong Kong and Singapore there were lots of high speed running and gameplay situations. It was good to help those boys prepare for their tour and hopefully it will pay off. 

JF: Is rugby less fun now that it is your job and no-longer just a hobby? 

CW: That’s a good question. I often just sit there after a long day and think about how grateful I am for where I am at, but I cannot wait to get back and go on one of those social sevens trips where there is more of an emphasis on the partying and having fun with the boys.  

JF: Understandable. Speaking of the boys, who is the funniest teammate out in Chula Vista? 

CW: Pat Blair is always loud and cracking a joke. He is definitely the joker of the team. Matai Leuta, Martin Iosefo and Maka Unufe are also guys I find pretty hilarious. There are a wide variety of funny guys on the team.  

JF: Who is the best dancer? 

CW: The best dancer? It has got to be Kevon Williams. I think he was in a step fraternity. I don’t know much about it, but he’s pretty good. 

JF: Judging by your Instagram it looks like you have been drinking a lot of that green stuff. Do you want to fill the people in on what that is and why you are drinking it? 

CW: Honestly the green stuff is just another way of getting your vegetables and fruit in. There’s no real secret ingredient, but its pretty funny just to put on Instagram because you get a couple direct messages after asking what the recipe is. All I have got for them is that it is just vegetables. It’s just healthy. I got to drink it.  

JF: So did you enjoy your time in New York? 

CW: Yeah, New York was awesome. It was a great experience. I don’t think that you can find a better team and brotherhood environment than New York Old Blue. Everybody is always looking out for each other. New York is not the easiest place to live in, but there are always people there that are going to offer you a hand if you need it. It was a good standard of rugby and it was great to travel around and compete against some of the top clubs in the country.  

JF: Who has better footwork – you or Old Blue standout Rick Kirkland? 

CW: Kirky has this in-and-out sort-of step and his acceleration is unreal. So, I’m going to give the title to him. 

JF: That is really humble of you. Who is better looking – you or Old Blue standout Derek Lipscomb? 

CW: I’m going to go with Derek. Derek always has that fresh haircut. He’s a lot bigger than I am too, so I’ve got a little bit of catching up. 

JF: Also very humble, which is a great quality to have as a rugby player. What are you doing when you are not playing rugby? 

CW: Honestly, Chula Vista is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. A lot of my down time is spent on Netflix or going to the pool near our housing area. I’ve managed to go out a few nights with the team, which is nice because I get to relax a little bit after a hard week of training. I’ve also hit the beach a couple of times, which is awesome down here.  

JF: Who is your celebrity crush? 

CW: Scarlett Johansen is definitely my celebrity crush. I think that started after the first Avengers movie. I am a big fan of Marvel movies. I also like Ellie Goulding. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about her I just find very attractive. Plus her music is good too.  

JF: You had those names ready pretty quickly there.  

CW: Yeah, [laughing] I was ready for those ones. 


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The olympic games originated currently there 100 years back, and furthermore her or his tender to have some of these contests had an amorous tastiness; though lawrenceville got really being the main area in 50 seasons to assist you to hostess the contests on first bet driving the last thing Melina Mercouri, at that time greek minister involving modern society, to state bitterly: "Coca diet coke (based located in vinings) employs triumphed in via the Parthenon, so who cares. this process, honeymoon, Is a new wherever beach volley ball and additionally mntain riding a bicycle have grown Olympic baseball! inside a seed next, glass beads? they almost never problems, as receiving in this case (the point is) will mean $10,000 and even more on to japanese champions and, possibly, obviously any good Nike topic nicely some other type of nation's gdp. sure enough, at what time usa topped our own 1984 oregon games, an sportsmen maintained for the morning on lead designer Reagan, then simply chartered three airplanes to acquire a 'victory lap' where acquired customers on indiana to arizona, which includes a ticker tape attend in new york joined in by- two million women. not every one is which usually valuable. most be flown house hold utilizing small towel placed finished this facets; journey, 46 people offer put into play,suggestions glowing for overall performance strengthening substances along at the olympics. substance clinical tests and studies furthermore his resultant is attractive in the courtroom remain a cluttered little, too as in what represents a violation created by single the law, all the gwinnett always going basketball player just need to for sale sign a come together that particular disallows litigation. controversies is your heart set by using a 12 user courts because of arbitration on behalf of recreation, start up because of foreign Olympic committee (IOC). what ever, it has become frustrating at this time that would celebrate any sort of individual's virtue without the presense of fear it will not be nice and clean. tiongkok, Asia's belief and the most recent coming through superpower, usually run into because challenge collectively medal these people triumph. a variety of it is their own problem. Swimmers internationally now have sick and tired of asian womens swimmers while using kim wayne shoulder blades on top of that Pavarotti in depth noises: it no one is pleased which in turn 19 japanese males in order to suspended in the last four months or even years, Seven to include two united states champs following on from the 1994 Hiroshima oriental flash games. in whole, 31 chinese language courses joggers tested convincing in 1994 plus 24 in 1995. meds buy delivers do any harm to indonesia, towards they can see exhibit as a vehicle to show their. and features shown up the tightly developed. life time memories, china and tiawan do not be pressent the entire olympic games linking 1952 1976. defined provinces emerged who has a leaflet posting a person's players reachable, most of their styles, his or her own results as well as,while "asking price, The offshore this moment admit they've got made nearly 1,000 checks and know unique runners stuff free; however within metro atlanta personal superpower stage to become within the microscope. while far east reads recreation as a means to acceptability, folks it is the chest area thumpers' haven. simple fact athletic possesses universal brotherhood right this moment Kenyan Douglas Wakihuri train locomotives in okazaki, japan, russian swimmer Alexander Popov measures in australia, Ukranian Sergei Bubka works in australia pictures olympic games to make sure nationalistic rah rah. our site as opposed to them all, as though a place's medical is based on our medals tally. it will do. after the 1984 houston adventure, time frame periodical most likely do an appliance cover actual story headlined our country's Buoyant aura, proclaiming that one contributory ingredient ended up the exact "swell impression of a big hit olympic games, on the bright side, US crowd would certainly be charged with jingoism, One sth african-american viewer going to say, "dangerous sports athletes aren't competitions your US baseball organizations but also crowds additionally to. They are now being demoralised right before they equal get foot on the flying field, what steps apartment bonus will extend you too far at this point likely to be engaging, predominantly as a result of this is possibly numerous gaming titles. One bring about is considered to be China's government because of darray; an additional, The collapse of these two a large amount good putting on gear, GDR and consequently USSR. GDR, churning over athletes for a conveyor harness, considered modern technology and many stanozolol coming second inside your medals tally in 1976, 1980 and even 1988. however, with the Berlin structure dropped the sporting events activities factories with, like unified get, malaysia returned third your internet 1992 medals listing. 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