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Ontario vs Rhinos

Last Saturday at PPL Park in Chester, PA, United World Sports LLC (operator of Rugby Today, USA Sevens, College Rugby Championship, and the Varsity Cup), premiered an exhibition game of new, seven-a-side concept. The contest was played in four, twelve-minute quarters between the Ontario Blues and the New York Rhinos. The objective was to create a recognizable sport’s format familiar to Americans (e.g.; four quarters, three periods, nine innings, etc.) that would comprise a full game.

The future aim is to establish a commercial entity called the Super 7s Rugby League (SRL) made up of paid professionals competing at sevens rules rugby. Theoretically, it would consist of eight to twelve city-based teams (eighty-percent USA and twenty-percent Canada), playing on a weekday night, the featured game aired on national television.

At the park for this inaugural game, each team listed sixteen players. In essence the four quarters resembled interchanging hockey lines with similar liberal substitutions coming at the end of each quarter, and also during the game itself.

Reaction was highly positive to the SRL from the television broadcaster, coaches at the CRC, fans, players, and executives at United World Sports. Next steps are to analyze the film of the game to determine what to keep, and what to change. Then, a promotional DVD will be used to seek investors with a goal of raising initial capital of $40 million to launch the League.

Let’s remember Victor Hugo’s statement, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Is it time for the first North American professional rugby league in an innovative format? Watch this space.


I wish the SRL all the best but this country's focus and priority should be on establishing a professional rugby 15s league. Rugby sevens is fun to watch, and it certainly has its place, but it is to real rugby as those summer high school backs-and-receiver leagues are to real football.
I do not know who they asked at the CRC but certainly was not any of the Life fans. I watched or tried to watch the game. It did not capture my attention like 7's does. The reason was the 4 quarters and the substitutions. You can not watch it like a 7's match, you burn out. The adrenaline from watching your team expires when the game does after 14 or 20 minutes. That is all you can handle. 48 minutes of sevens causes one to lose attention. You watch it like football, you turn away because you have to with those long periods. Much rather see a mini tournament with say 4 teams playing round robin and then champion. That would be better to watch plus play better to US TV and commercial time. Sorry but to much pandering to football fans who are not watching rugby for the similarity, they are watching for the contact and the finesse.