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After starting the season with a pair of tough losses, the Griffins have gone on a streak of wins. Over the weekend, that streak increased with a 42-14 win over the Dallas Harlequins.

“We have changed the culture at the Griffins which has had a significant bearing on our teams. It comes down to having a big work-rate attitude,” he said. “We did most aspects very well. The Harlequins are a very strong team.”

Even though the score line was distinctly in the favor of the Griffins, the Harlequins made a contest of the match. They had the advantage in size, giving Morris’ men a lot to contend with on defense.

“Harlequins are a big, powerful team from one to 15,” Morris said. “Their ball-carrying was very physical and I know once they click they will become even harder to contain.”

The Harlequins drew first blood in the match, scoring through the efforts of wing Travis Stubbs in the seventh minute. Their second score came with five minutes remaining in the match, and both conversions were successfully made. Everything between those two tries was offense from the Griffins.

When the hard work of defense had been taken care of, the Griffins went on attack and executed a plan that proved to be effective. No. 8 and outside center Jake McCloud and Detwan Robinson each scored a set of tries. Kye Durate put in a try from the wing, and locks Kevin and Kyle Harrell rounded out the scoring from the pack. The Griffins’ scrumhalf, Cameron Broussard, had a five-pointer as well. Unfortunately for the Griffins, point attempts from the tee weren’t finding the mark. Toby Quarendon made two successful conversions and one penalty kick, leaving 12 points on the table.

Another asset for the Griffins during the match on Saturday was the influence of the reserves on the flow of the match. When the fresh legs came on in the late minutes of the match, the transition was seamless and carried the Griffins to the victory.

The Griffins will need to keep working and have inured players heal up quickly. The next two matches the Griffins have are against the Reds and Blacks, the top two teams in the division. According to Morris, he and his players are looking forward to the opportunity to test themselves against these two talented teams.