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The Seattle Seawolves played their first preseason match this spring on Saturday against the Prairie Wolf Pack. The scrimmage was closed to the public and used it as a tune-up for its home opener this weekend versus the San Diego Legion. Rugby Today was able to speak with player/coach Phil Mack following the 47-7 victory.

Rugby Today: Who is playing for Seattle today?

Phil Mack: We had our full squad available for today's match which was very helpful as we now look forward to future selections for the season.

RT: Why did Seattle go the one scrimmage route instead of a regular preseason game? What are the advantages of this approach?

PM: A big part of the reason we couldn't have played more was due to Visa issues. A good portion of the team, myself included, had to wait for our Visa to get approved. That being said, the last five weeks have been pretty heavy and demanding in terms of work load and running meters. So the boys are fit and eager to get going next week. Getting this hit out was hugely important for us given that fact. We had an opportunity to build some cohesion and work some different combinations.

RT: What was the score of today’s match and who scored for Seattle?

PM: The final score was 47-7, but win aside - we got what we wanted out if the day. A number of players got over the line but for right now we are looking at what caused the tries rather than who got on the end of it.

RT: What are the positives you saw today? What were the keys to the game?

PM: A big positive to come out of today was the work rate and attitude. We are building a team that wants to work for each other and that really showed today. The major focus was to execute the simple things well. We have a lot of weapons in the squad but we need to give those players opportunities and that will stem from being technical in our basics.

RT: Whose play impressed you and why?

PM: I thought Shalom Suniula played extremely well. Was distributing the ball well, making the right reads, and was solid on defense. But overall a number of players stepped up and showed they deserve a spot on the game day sheet.

RT: What are your main takeaways from the game?

PM: Our main goal was to give the guys an opportunity to show why they should be selected for the game day 23. We wanted to track some training transfer as well as who is taking our learnings from practice and applying them in games.

RT: San Diego Legion is next. What will Seattle have to do effectively to win its home opener?

PM: The first thing we will do is have a look at the game tape and figure out what we could have done better, as well as the things we are doing well. Going into the San Diego game, we will focus mainly on ourselves and what we can control. Being a new league with new teams, we don't have footage to comb through so a lot of our preparation will be focused inwards for now. I know the team is ready and eager to showcase Seawolves rugby next week at Starfire.

Match Details

04.15.18 Seattle, Washington
Final Score
Prairie Wolf Pack
Seattle Seawolves