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The Americas Cup got under way today at the Las Vegas Invitational with a number of high quality teams participating. With a number of different nations being represented, there was a diversity of talent and style on display.

The USA Falcons, which is comprised of a number of players in the Eagle player pool, had a strong showing, going 3-0 in pool play. The Falcons beat Florida RDA, the French Development side and Tumatauenga. Thretton Palamo dotted down several times on the afternoon and strong defensive play from the likes Matai Leuta and Pat Blair allowed the Falcons to cruise for most of the afternoon. The Northeast ODA and the Chile 7s battled it out, both finishing 2-0-1 in pool play.

The Northeast struggled with continuity on the day but battled to advance to the cup rounds.

“We are happy to be advancing, but we really struggled at times to find consistency. I thought we showed some class to battle Chile, but overall product must be better for us to advance to the semis,” ODA coach Josh Smith indicated.

Both Daveta Fiji and Germany 7s had a strong showing, winning all of their matches by over 20 points. The team with the most interesting name, the Froggies Midol won its group with the only blemish being a draw with Denver.

The cup quarters kick off tomorrow and the matchups are as follows.

Germany vs Black Dragon

Daveta Fiji vs France Development

Falcons vs Northeast ODA

Chile 7s vs Froggies Midol

USA Falcons27Florida RDA0
Tumatauenga14France Development27
Northeast ODA26Stars Rugby 20
Chile 7s34US Air Force0
Daveta Fiji54Peru 7s0
Stars Rugby 121Cayman Islands 210
Froggies Midol31Atlantis17
Denver 7's All-Stars42Bridge City 7's7
USA Falcons21France Development12
Tumatauenga12Florida RDA19
Northeast ODA24US Air Force14
Chile 7s45Stars Rugby 20
Daveta Fiji40Cayman Islands 27
Stars Rugby 124Peru 7s14
Froggies Midol38Bridge City 7's0
Denver 7's All-Stars21Atlantis21
USA Falcons24Tumatauenga7
Florida RDA0France Development43
Northeast ODA12Chile 7s12
Stars Rugby 20US Air Force19
Daveta Fiji31Stars Rugby 17
Peru 7s17Cayman Islands 228
Froggies Midol12Denver 7's All-Stars12
Atlantis38Bridge City 7's12
Germany 7's68Cayman Islands 10
Elite Selects14Black Dragons19
Germany 7's53Black Dragons5
Elite Selects28Cayman Islands 119
Germany 7's26Elite Selects5
Cayman Islands 17Black Dragons17