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selective service

Virtually all men living in the U.S. must register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Men who fail to register become ineligible for important opportunities such as student loans, job training programs, citizenship for male immigrants, and driver’s license renewal in most states. In addition, registration is required for employment with the federal government, numerous state and local agencies, and a growing number of private employers. Men who fail to register by age 26 can be PERMANENTLY barred from these opportunities. Learn more, check your status, or register today at

College Rugby is set to kick back up in a big way over the next few weeks, and many teams who were relatively inactive in the fall, or focused on 7s, will be playing 15s seriously for the first time this competitive cycle. So since we haven't published an all-division ranking since early autumn, we decided now would be as good a time as any.

The top six teams have been largely inactive. BYU beat Utah in a recent friendly, but that's about all the action anyone's seen. We'll get to know more about Cal this weekend when they compete in the Dennis Storer Classic at UCLA.

Army scored a win over Air Force in the fall, so the Black Knights have jumped ahead of the Zoomies, who stay ahead of Navy after downing the Midshipmen in October.

Davenport also managed a big fall win over Lindenwood, giving the Panthers one of the best 15s wins so far this season. Davenport is the first college team to ever beat the Lions.

Towards the bottom of our ranking, Arizona State has leapfrogged instate rival Arizona after beating the Wildcats in a late 2012 friendly. Another change is the inclusion of Bowling Green. The Falcons have been dominant in the MAC Schools Conference, and even when DI was not split, they were a perennially good team.

There are plenty of opportunities for teams from different divisions or competitions to prove themselves this spring: Lindenwood is playing both Davenport and Life, Cal is playing St. Mary's and Penn State, UCLA is hosting Army, Army is playing Navy, etc. So expect this particular list to be updated more frequently.

1 Life
2 Arkansas State
3 Cal
5 St. Mary's
6 Utah
7 Army
8 Air Force
9 Davenport
10 Penn State
11 Kutztown
12 Lindenwood
14 San Diego State
15 Navy
16 Central Washington
17 Dartmouth
18 Tennessee
19 Texas A&M
20 Delaware
21 Colorado
22 Bowling Green
23 Arizona State
24 Arizona
25 Cal Poly