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Not a lot has gone on since we unveiled the preseason rankings.

The cold weather keeps most teams under wraps, and that's perhaps why most of the movement we're seeing is among Californian teams.

The hot new number is probably Danville, a Northern California team that is just emerging into the top league, and looks very strong.

Marin was beaten by Hayward, but we have reason to believe they will bounce back. Lamorinda lost big to Danville and they look to have been ranked too high at the beginning.

RUGBYMag Boys HS Club Rankings Feb 14 2012
Crnt Prev Team
1 1 Cathedral (Ind.)
2 2 United (Utah)
3 3 Colorado Springs (Colo.)
4 4 Chuckanut (Wash.)
5 6 Kansas City Jr. Blues (Mo.)
6 9 Charlotte Tigers (NC)
7 10 Downingtown (Pa.)
8 Unr Danville Oaks (Calif.)
9 7 Belmont Shore (Calif.)
10 5 Marin Highlanders (Calif.)
11 12 Eastside (Ore.)
12 13 West Shore United (Pa.)
13 14 Red Mountain (Ariz.)
14 15 Liberty (Wash.)
15 11 Islanders (Calif.)
16 16 Naples (Fla.)
17 17 Granite Bay (Calif.)
18 18 Golden Gate (Calif.)
20 20 Westerville (Ohio)
21 21 Union County (NJ)
22 22 Barbarians (Ore.)
23 23 Doylestown (Pa.)
24 24 The Woodlands (Tex.)
25 19 Kona Bulls (Hawaii)
25 8 Lamorinda (Calif.)
25 25 White Station (Tenn.)
25 Unr San Diego Mustangs (Calif.)
25 Unr Tempe (Ariz.)