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Charlotte Rugby Club closes Mortgage on Skillbeck Athletic Grounds

It’s official. Charlotte Rugby has completed its obligation for the mortgage of its Clubhouse located at 2911 Belhaven Circle in Charlotte NC. The 5800 sq ft Clubhouse & Apartment, fitted with lockers, showers, viewing deck and a stocked  bar built in 1993 is now owned by the club. The final $10K was raised over the Spring of 2014 through the contributions of over 62 Olde Boys & Gals and friends of CRFC.  We want to thank all of our supporters and friends specifically the following:

Kelly Sager

James Henderson

Phil & Margot Langdon

Michael & Jamie Lee

Bobby Broome

George Calvo

Wally & Linda Judd

Douglas Carson

Neil Patel

Rich Brendel

Bill DesPres

Mike Kirk

Gordon & Kristin Reid

Dan Tiernan

Craig Errington

Joe Carey

Scott Zucca

Suzi Rosen

Mike Thomas

Stephen Arnsdorff

Brian & Erin King

Monte McCormack

Chris Joyce

Corey Rosensteel

Jeannette Hileman

George Miller

Alec Acosta

JMB Recycling & Demolition
James Beaver

David Berger

Kevin Williams

Page Rehabilitation
George Page

Pat George

Bruce & Heather Boucher

Robert MacLeod

David Hamilton

Harry "Rick" Ingham

Chris Maughn

Lewis Guignard

Anthony Kearey

Mike Bumgarner

Thomas Dever

Luke Johns

Mike Sherwood

Lars Petterson

Dave Dickson

John Yaniero

William Benjamin

Bernie & Elizabeth Funck

Willy Beckwith

Wade Otey

Ken Peterson

Joey Nelis

Jason Zehmke

Eric Mangiardi

Dean Boylan

Sean Beatty

Simon Roe

Dave Thompson

Alistair Lowe

Tony Skillbeck & Sven Deal


“Oh the Charlotte RFC is the best family, that ever came over from old Germany…All of us, All of us, there’s another keg of beer for the all of us, singing glory be if there are no more of us, then one of us will drink it all alone, all along, all alone…then one of us will drink it all alone!

Thanks again!

Bruce Boucher & Joseph Nelis-Fundraising Co-Chairs