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Team with the Girl

Team With the Girl

By Calyssa Dolce, Georgia State Games PR Coordinator

The Columbus/Fort Benning rugby team, the Cruise-a-matics, took part in the Georgia State Games and the Georgia Rugby Union Rugby 7’s summer championship on June 6.

While the team did not place in the championship or bowl bracket, they still showed up to play and have a good time.

“We came to play and any game is good practice for us,” said Josh Robinson.  

On June 20, The Cruise-a-matics are hosting their 2015 Hotter than Hell 7’s. It’s the longest running 7’s tournament in Georgia and they have one of the best pitches around. The match is set to take place at the Cruiser Dome at 10 a.m.  

To prepare for any match the team practices twice a week.

“It makes us more competitive. We have players with zero to years of experience so every little bit helps,” said Paolo Reis.

The team formed in 1984 and ever since then the team has been cycling through all kinds of different players. For example, a new player moved to the base one day prior to the event and came all the way from Kansas.  

“We’ve all learned to just roll with it,” said Reis. “Some of us played back in college while others are joining with no experience.”

Every player on the team is in the military but when they come together to play the ranks don’t matter.  

“The team has nice dynamics and with no ranks among us, we are left with just playing the game,” said Lindsay Barnes.  

Members of the team who competed in the Georgia Games and Georgia Rugby Union 7’s Championship included: Paulo Reis, Anton Ksendz, Javier Espitia, Lindsay Barnes, Joshua Robinson, Rob, Adam Lary and Trebor Eldroc.

The team had a few no shows so they scrambled to find eligible players for their team. According to USA Rugby’s rules you are only allowed to play on one team, therefore they needed to find a player who had not claimed a team yet.

Known as the team with the girl, the Cruise-a-matics had an edge that no other team did.

“I’m looking to start a women’s team in my area.  It doesn’t matter if they have played before, working up courage is what you really need,” said Barnes.

Her efforts to make the team happen are by word of mouth, talking to locals and military wives and the Facebook group, Columbus/Fort Benning Women’s Rugby.

The team said the best part about rugby is you automatically have a family, you’ll stay in shape and the sport never gets boring.