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University of Michigan Seeks Old Photos of Club

Ann Arbor, MI- The University of Michigan Rugby Football Club is excited to announce the launch of their special edition Bruce Kingsbury Legacy Jersey. Bruce is a former player for UMRFC and these jerseys were made possible through a generous donation made to the club in his name. The jersey, which will celebrate the long history that the club has and it’s endearing culture within the squad, by using alumni and former player’s submitted photos to make a photo mosaic design that will be used in the numbers on the back of the jersey.

President Chening Duker, one of the driving forces behind this idea, is excited to celebrate the culture of the club; “We made the legacy kit to show the strength of the bond that is created when you enter this family, and so when we put those jerseys on, we know that we are not only playing for each other in the moment, but forever.” said Duker.

He also went on to speak about how the current success of the club couldn’t happen without the support of its former players “Every year we say goodbye to the seniors who we have looked up to, to lead and build the club. At the same time we welcome in a new wave of players. The club changes every year, but the story we tell does not. Our current successes, such as playing in front of a national audience at the CRC, and our future successes, are made possible by the Olde Blue. The alumni raise us to greater and greater places each year. Every new player that becomes an old player and wears our crest, works to improve the club for those who are next, that story doesn't change.”

The current club members are excited for this kit and what it represents and are asking for your assistance. If you would like to get involved with this project please send your high resolution photos to Coach Sparks ( by July 20th. The club hopes to make the unveil of the Legacy Jerseys at the upcoming Olde Blue Weekend on September 19th. Don’t delay! Submit your photo’s today!