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Game TypeDivisionWinnerScoreLoser
Midwest DI Men's ClubKC Blues29-19Palmer
Midwest DI Men's ClubMilwaukee32-15Chicago Griffins
Midwest DI Men's ClubMetropolis43-12Cincinnati
Midwest DI Men's ClubChicago Lions40-14Columbus
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeDavenport31-19McMaster
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeNavy48-10Ohio State
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeClemson66-3Georgia
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeVirginia Tech36-26Radford
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeMichigan24-15Wheeling Jesuit
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeLindenwood56-27Indiana
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeCornell12-6Syracuse
FriendlyDI/DII Men's CollegeBuffalo20-19Notre Dame College
FriendlyDI/DII Men's CollegeUSMMA36-15Coast Guard
FriendlyDI Men's CollegeMillersville30-0York
Empire - JerseyDII Men's ClubMonmouth20-18Princeton
Empire - JerseyDII Men's ClubMontclairPPDBayonne
Empire - JerseyDII Men's ClubUnion42-30Morris
Midwest - EastDII Men's ClubEastside Banshees30-15St. Paul
Midwest - EastDII Men's ClubCleveland Rovers63-23Detroit
Midwest - EastDII Men's ClubIndianapolis27-12Dayton
FriendlyDI Men's ClubMystic River31-24Boston Irish Wolfhounds
FriendlyDI/DII Men's ClubNOVA24-14Washington Irish
FriendlyDI/DII Men's ClubCharlotte 22-12Raleigh
FriendlyWomen's CollegeYork24-15Ohio State
FriendlyWomen's CollegeQuinnipiac34-19Life


Nice. Now we just have to get clubs/teams to send in scores and we're almost there. !
Thanks Ray. We've got every DI or DII men's club league score from the weekend included above, and a pretty comprehensive list of friendly results across men's college. This list will multiply as more leagues get going over the next few weeks.
You voted '+1'.
The University of Michigan won their game, you have the scores reversed