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Host American International College (AIC) won the opening tournament of the East Coast Rugby Conference’s 7s series Saturday in Springfield, Mass., going 5-0 on a day marred by driving rain.

AIC pressured UMASS into a 17-0 submission through some bruising defense and opportunistic counterattack in one semifinal. And Boston College, despite some fantastic play in the air, fell to a very direct, very athletic New England College side by a margin of 26-5 in the other semifinal.

AIC happily met New England College’s physical style head-on in the final and jumped out to an early 12-0 lead. In the second half, the Yellow Jackets turned over four set pieces and held the game to a 12-0 victory.

The hosts were dominant throughout the day, pitching four shutouts. The closest anyone came to knocking off AIC was Albany’s losing 26-17 in pool play. They sit atop the series standings heading into Al Baker 7s hosted by UMass Saturday.


Final: AIC 12-0 New England
Consolation: UMass fft over Boston College
SF: AIC 17-0 UMass
SF: New England 26-5

Final: Middlebury 19-12 Albany
SF: Middlebury 26-14 UMass Lowell
SF: Albany 15-7 Northeastern

Final: W. New England 17-7 Coast Guard
SF: Coast Guard 15-12 UConn
SF: W. New England 29-19 Stonehill

Final: Dartmouth
SF: Dartmouth 12-5 Mass Maritime
SF: Westfield fft over Bowdoin

Pool A
UMass 19-17 Northeastern
Stonehill 26-17 Westfield
Northeastern 27-7 Stonehill
UMass 45-0 Westfield
Northeastern 40-5 Westfield
UMass 15-7 Stonehill

Pool B
Middlebury 24-7 UConn
New England 43-5 Dartmouth
New England 24-12 Middlebury
UConn 22-14 Dartmouth
Middlebury 31-7 Dartmouth
New England 31-5 UConn

Pool C
AIC 26-17 Albany
W. New England 29-12 Bowdoin
AIC 43-0 W. New England
Albany 27-0 Bowdoin
AIC 19-0 Bodoin
Albany 27-7 W. New England

Pool D
Boston College 19-17 UMass Lowell
Coast Guard 17-10 Mass Maritime
Boston College 24-5 Coast Guard
UMass Lowell 24-7 Mass Maritime
Boston College 29-0 Mass Maritime
UMass Lowell 12-7 Coast Guard

Top Points scorers:

Ben Roach AIC 6 8 46
Brendan Murphy Stonehill 7 4 43
Joe D'Antonio Boston College 5 7 39
Adam Schreiber Middlebury 2 11 32
Sean Kimmins Albany 5 0 25
David Cunnane Albany 3 5 25
Craig Spyropoulos W. New England 5 0 25

ECRC 7s Standings


2 New England

3 UMass

4 Boston College

5 Middlebury

6 Albany

T7 Northeastern

T7 UMass Lowell

9 W. New England

10 Coast Guard

T11 Stonehill

T11 UConn

13 Dartmouth

14 Westfield

15 Mass Maritime

16 Bowdoin