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The Eagles slipped to 0-4 in a tournament for the first time under Mike Friday, falling 10-5 to Canada in extra time Saturday in Dubai. The loss sends them to the 13th place semifinal at 4:38 a.m. ET.

Canada secured the first possession and managed to hold onto the ball for a full minute. The Eagles turned them over when Martin Iosefo tackled Justin Douglas into touch. Carlin Isles made a run up one sideline before pulling back, and Danny Barrett barged up the other, knocking on in contact.

Canada won its attacking scrum near the 22, but Harry Jones returned the favor, knocking on himself. However, Barrett was brought down by Jones and penalized for not releasing. The American defense committed two more penalties with its back against the wall, but eventually Iosefo got in on a ball and earned one the other way.

The Eagles went through several phases and patiently worked the ball in the attacking end, potentially getting away with a forward pass from Folau Niua to Isles along the way. Eventually, a line break from Madison Hughes would set up a Ben Pinkelman try right on halftime. The conversion was missed, and the Eagles led 5-0 at the break.

That long defensive stand gassed out Barrett, and Malon Al-Jiboori subbed on, winning the opening kickoff of the second half. But Niua had the ball slip out of his hands.  

Canada kept playing a very confrontational style of attack, not trying to move the ball to the wide channels, and willing to fight through one-on-one tackles in the middle of the field. Finally, with the help of some American penalties, Canada went for the space and scored in the corner. Nathan Hirayama’s touch line kick was missed, leaving the game tied at 5-5.

The Eagles went back on attack, and a phase after Pinkelman delivered a massive clear out, he was brought down with insufficient support and called for holding onto the ball. Canada cleared to touch and opted for a lineout. With time expired, they’d have to go 60 meters. Hirayama instead opted for overtime, kicking to touch.

Canada started with the ball in extra time, playing the same plodding attack plan. Eventually, Barrett won a penalty in the breakdown. But on the USA’s first possession of the period, Hughes inexplicably knocked on, making it five unforced handling errors for the Eagles this game.

Canada finally found its opening when Danny Barrett let up one man inside the ball, and Justin Douglas beat him through the gap for the game winner.