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Army defeated Central Washington in Pool C action at the USA 7s CRC with a strong display of hard-nosed defense. 

That defense produced a series of turnovers in the tackle that stymied CWU attack.

Army also showed that their 7s game on attack has matured, as they displayed some excellent ball movement and continuity in the opening minutes. The CWU defense worked hard but Army kept the ball and Leatigaga broke a couple of tackles finally to score from 22 meters out. Will Holders' conversion made it 7-0.

CWU came right back, and worked the ball to Tim Stanfill, who faked, cut back, and went right up the middle. He was caught by Dave Geib but offloaded to Patrick Blair. However his pass was dropped just short of the line.

Army got a penalty from that scrum, but their kick to touch was too ambitious and missed, giving Central a counter-attacking chance. They went right back at Army, forced a penalty and then spun it to Kellen Gordon who scored in the corner to make it 7-5.

But errors in handling and tackling cost CWU, as an attack after the first-half hooter ended not with a try, but a careless turnover, and Army struck again. Holder sidestepped one tackler and blew through another to score and make it 14-5 at the break.

Army started the second half with the kickoff rolling dead, which produced a free kick midfield for Central. But once again Army forced a turnover in the tackle.

Twice more CWU had a try on offer, if not for sure, and lost the ball in contact. Finally from a tap penalty Patrick Blair went over to make it 14-12.

But there wasn't enough time. Army made their tackles and held on - Holder intercepting a Central pass and calmly kicking the ball into touch to end the game.

The victory was a boost for Army and a blow to Central, whhich still has a shot at a quarterfinal spot but must beat both Navy and North Carolina to do it.