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The Beantown women's club defeated the Boston Belles 17-0 in the final of the Middlesex 7s in Woburn, Mass. Saturday, finishing off the Northeast 7s season.

With Morris not playing, these two teams were secure in qualifying for the national championships regardless of how the tournament went. In Saturday's action, the Belles beat Hartford and Boston II handily, but had to work for their points with the Falcons, eventually tying them 19-19. Meanwhile Beantown had a somewhat easier time of it, crushing the Falcons II, Boston II and Belles II.

Beantown rounded out the day with a shutout win over the Belles, but the Belles retained 1st overall in the standings and will be the #1 seed out of the Northeast.

That almost finalizes the pools at the national championships. A spot remains for a West team to come forward. It is possible they won't, leaving one more spot available at the championship tournament in Pittsburgh.

Here are the pools:
Pool A: San Diego Surfers, Boston Belles, ORSU, Philadelphia
Pool B: NOVA, Seattle Breakers, Detroit, Atlanta Harlequins
Pool C: Youngbloodz, DC Furies, Beantown, West seed or somebody else
Pool D: Berkeley, Chicago Lions, Scion Sirens, Combined Services