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Just over a month after news broke that former Ohio State star Maurice Clarett had joined Tiger Rugby in an effort to make the 7s National Team in time for the 2016 Olympics, Clarett is no longer with the Olympic Development Academy. He has been unavailable for Tiger training sessions for weeks, but has made it to a couple of 1823 practices.

It's unclear at this time if Clarett will be playing rugby anytime in the near future, despite false reports indicating that he is set to compete in his first tournament this weekend.

"Maurice has huge potential, however at this time, Tiger Academy doesn't seem to fit into his schedule," said Tiger Rugby director Paul Holmes.

"Maurice is very busy and is doing great things with his charity work, and we wish him nothing but the best and hope to see him play with the local 1823 Club here in Columbus when he has the time, however he will no longer be training with the Tiger Academy. He was a very positive person and player and was great to have around the team when his time permitted. Again, we wish him the best of luck and hope that we see him on the pitch with 1823."