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USA Rugby has confirmed the pools for Club 7s Nationals Aug. 9-10 at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, Wash. Below is a statistical breakdown of each club's history at Club 7s Nationals going back to the inaugural tournament in 1985. 

Host Seattle Saracens, formerly Seattle-Old Puget Sound Beach, has a chance to, on home soil, set a new record for 7s National Titles. The Pacific Northwest powerhouses are currently tied with Old Mission Beach Athletic Club (OMBAC) with six championships, and OMBAC did not qualify for Nationals, leaving the door open for Seattle to take sole possession of the record.

The Denver Barbarians extended their streak of consecutive qualifications to 14. They've made more Nationals appearances than any other club (21), and missed the quarterfinals in just one of those tournaments. And they've made more quarterfinal and semifinal appearances than any other club, but never won the title. 

The toughest pool on paper is probably Pool A, as it has the defending champion Seattle and only one team that didn't win its qualifying region in the the Kansas City Blues. However, the Blues have a strong 7s tradition and were narrowly edged out by the Denver Barbarians for the West title. Schuylkill River is aiming to get back to the National Final, which they reached in 2011, and New Orleans Royale has a very experienced, team-oriented squad. Still, Seattle is the odds-on favorite to take the group, if not win the whole tournament. 

Pool ANat'l TitlesNat'ls AppearancesBest FinishNat'l FinalsNat'l SemisNat'l Quarters
Seattle Saracens6151st - '88, '90, '91, '92, '10, '1361012
New Orleans Royale029th - 2013000
Schuylkill River042nd - 2011112
Kansas City Blues0102nd - 1993127
Pool BNat'l TitlesNat'ls AppearancesBest FinishNat'l FinalsNat'l SemisNat'l Quarters
Old Blue2121st - '93, '05377
Belmont Shore3131st - '09, '11, '12568
18230210th - 2013000
Maryland Exiles1161st - 198931012
Pool CNat'l TitlesNat'ls AppearancesBest FinishNat'l FinalsNat'l SemisNat'l Quarters
Chicago Lions1121st - 2007249
East Palo Alto Razorbacks012014 1st appearance000
Atlanta Old White066th - '09, '10003
Titans0214th - 2013000
Pool DNat'l TitlesNat'ls AppearancesBest FinishNat'l FinalsNat'l SemisNat'l Quarters
Denver Barbarians0212nd - '86, '87, '88, '01, '04, '1361319
New York Athletic Club0116th - 2010002
Santa Monica023rd - 1990011
Austin Blacks012014 1st appearance000