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ABerkeley All Blues27-5Bluebonnets
DNorthern Virginia24-15Mountin Rugby Selects
AChicago Lions45-5Philadelphia
DOregon Sports Union26-5New York
BSan Diego Surfers48-0Mana Wahine
CICEF 17-5Atlanta Harlequins
CYoungbloodz17-12Sacramento Amazons
BOld Blue of New York26-20DC Furies
ABerkeley All Blues12-5Philadelphia
DNorthern Virginia15-0New York
DOregon Sports Union20-5Mountain Rugby Selects
AChicago Lions29-5Bluebonnets
CAtlanta Harlequins19-12Sacramento Amazons
BSan Diego Surfers21-7Old Blue of New York
BDC Furies55-0Mana Wahine
AChicago Lions22-0Berkeley All Blues
DOregon Sports Union17-7Northern Virginia
DMountain Rugby Selects32-7New York
CAtlanta Harlequins24-5Youngbloodz
CICEF 17-15Sacramento Amazons
BOld Blue of New York46-0Mana Wahine
BSan Diego Surfers22-0DC Furies
Bowl QFDC Furies27-5Sacramento Amazons
Bowl QFNew York26-12Philadelphia
Bowl QFYoungbloodz45-0Mana Wahine
Bowl QFMountain Rugby Selects19-5Bluebonnets
Cup QFOld Blue of New York24-17ICEF
Cup QFBerkeley All Blues7-0Oregon Sports Union
Cup QFSan Diego Surfers10-0Atlanta Harlequins
Cup QFNorthern Virginia24-0Chicago Lions
Shield SFBluebonnets19-15Sacramento Amazons
Shield SFPhiladelphia48-0Mana Wahine
Bowl SFYoungbloodz19-10New York
Bowl SFDC Furies27-7Mountain Rugby Selects
Plate SFOregon Sports Union12-0Atlanta Harlequins
Plate SFChicago Lions31-0ICEF
Cup SFOld Blue of New York15-0Northern Virginia
Cup SFSan Diego Surfers29-14Berkeley All Blues
Shield ConsolationSacramento Amazons36-12Mana Wahine
Shield FinalPhiladelphia31-7Bluebonnets
Bowl ConsolationMountain Rugby Selects26-14New York Rugby
Bowl FinalDC Furies26-17Youngbloodz
Plate ConsolationICEF 26-14Atlanta Harlequins
Plate FinalChicago Lions22-17Oregon Sports Union
Cup ConsolationBerkeley All Blues17-10Northern Virginia
Cup FinalSan Diego Surfers45-0Old Blue of New York


and then ???? Scores have been extremely hard to find (including USARugby site). Women seemed to have disappeared from the radar. What causes this ?