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The one thought kept getting repeated, maybe in different words, but always meaning the same thing: Mags; Alex; Coach.

“He knows his Xs and Os better than anyone else, no offense to any other coaches,” said Dartmouth’s Nick Downer. “Alex Magleby is an unbelievable communicator. It’s not just that he knows in his mind and knows what to do, he can effectively communicate it to people, like the two of us who had never played rugby before.”

“We’re always the smallest team on the field, and he’s able to exploit teams that are two inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than us,” added Chris Downer. “He puts us in a position to win.”

“It was nothing special,” said captain Paul Jarvis. “We don’t run plays, we have structures. We have the commitment to those principles and then executing them. As a former USA 7s captain and Dartmouth graduate [Magleby] understands rugby and 7s and he understands Dartmouth and out team culture. Getting us together and getting us to believe in ourselves, he said we had six games to a championship and look at us, six games later here we are.”

The Highland U19 player who went to Dartmouth and then captained the USA 7s team, Magleby has long been touted as a potential USA 7s coach at some point. His brilliance as forming a team that wasn’t thought to be the best, the most athletic, the biggest, or the fastest, was on full display this weekend as Dartmouth won the USA 7s Collegiate Rugby Championship.

His game plan for the Dartmouth team, wherein they denied Army possession and pinned them mercilessly in their own half, was brilliant.

The players were outstanding, but, as Nick Downer said: “it’s all Mags.”

Dartmouth’s Road to the Title:
Pool Play
Dartmouth 17 Utah 12
Dartmouth 24 Notre Dame 19
Dartmouth 36 Boston College 0

Dartmouth 12 Penn State 7

Dartmouth 24 Central Washington 12

Dartmouth 32 Army 10