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It’s going to be a busy June in American rugby this year, and it’s worth remembering that the USA 7s Collegiate Rugby Championship will be held June 2-3 at PPL Park in Chester, Pa., just outside Philadelphia.

Tickets are insanely inexpensive for a top-level college sporting event, especially one that lasts all day. Youth fans can watch all the games for as little as $23, and a two-day adult ticket is only $43.

Go here for information about tickets.

In Las Vegas this past Feb 11, Life University earned the 16th and final spot at the CRC, by beating Utah in the final of the 32-team CRC Qualifier. Over 30,000 fans saw Life take the title. Life joins 15 other teams. Here’s the list:


CRC History


University of Arizona

Semifinalists in 2010, Arizona allowed just one try in 2011 – problem was, it was in a 5-0 loss to Central Washington in the quarterfinals.

Arizona has been an outstanding 7s team from the get-go. They have a good combination of teamwork and athletes.


Bottom 4 in 2010, losing finalists in 2011.

Army re-worked their 7s program for 2011 and were excellent, beating Central Washington, North Carolina, Navy, Texas and Utah on their way to the final.


Losing finalists in 2010, losing quarterfinalists in 2011.

Thing is, Cal has only lost to one team in the CRC, Utah. They suffered from low prep time in 2011, but are expected to bring all efforts to bear in 2012. Two Cal grads play on the USA 7s team, and a couple current Bears look like they have a shot at similar honors.


Losing quarterfinalists in 2010, and champions in 2011.

Dartmouth produced an intriguing combination of varied athleticism and tactical awareness to win 2011. They will be fully prepared again in 2012.


2011 CRC Qualifier semifinalists.

Delaware has some superb players and have fielded a very strong 7s team in the past. They should have a strong fan following.


Bottom four in 2010.

Florida wasn’t in the 2011 CRC, but have been brought back after showing a renewed commitment to winning 7s.


1st CRC. Won 2012 Qualifier.

Coached by two former USA 7s players in Tui Osborne and Paul Emerick, Life won USA Rugby’s championship, and then the CRC qualifier in Vegas.


1st CRC

For Maryland, playing 7s on a high-profile stage is exactly what they need to showcase the talent they have.


2010 Quarterfinals, 2011 Challenger Semis.

Navy’s 15s game is about winning the point of contact. They continue to evolve their game to adjust to playing 7s. Still, the Army-Navy game is not to be missed.

North Carolina State

1st CRC

NC State won the Atlantic Coast Rugby 7s, and by virtue of an agreement between USA 7s and that league, qualified to compete in the CRC.

Notre Dame

Challenger semis in 2010, Challenger final in 2011.

Sean O’Leary’s Fighting Irish were very young and still learning in 2010 and 2011. They could be a little more seasoned this time around.


Bottom 4 in 2011.

The Sooners should expect to be put in a pool with Texas, as that rivalry is important to fans. They have learned a lot from last year and could break out in 2012.

Penn State

Bottom 4 in 2010, cup quarterfinals in 2011.

The thing to remember about Penn State is that they lost to the eventual 2011 champs by a try. This time around, it might be different. The young, explosive talent they had in 2010-11 is now the core of their leadership.


Bottom 4 in 2011.

The Owls were the first team re-invited for 2012 because their fan following was huge and vocal, and the players played hard. You can bet they will ne improved.


Cup quarters in 2011.

It was all very new for the Longhorns in 2011. They got the call back because they weren’t that far out of it.


1st CRC

Wisconsin won the Big 10 7s, and by virtue of an agreement between USA 7s and that league, qualified to compete in the CRC.