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Team USA fell to 1-1 in Singapore with a 19-14 defeat to England Saturday. England owned the first half, the Americans the second half, but a tournament-ending injury  to Perry Baker and a yellow card to Martin Iosefo stymied the comeback effort. Up next is a winner-take-all meeting with Kenya.

The Eagles won the opening restart but were turned over in the breakdown before long. England struck after a few phases, with Kevon Williams left reaching for a tackle and coming up with nothing. The try was converted – 7-0.

Danny Barrett made the USA’s first big run, throwing Dan Norton off him and rumbling into the attacking 22. He was caught from behind and knocked on in the tackle. England went 95 meters the other direction, with a fly hack connecting with Oliver Lilndsay-Hague for a second try.

The third came in quick succession, with England claiming the restart. This time, it was Stephen Tomasin falling off a tackle. One of the latter two was converted, making it 19-0.

There was enough time for a restart, though, and the Eagles would get on the board with a spectacular try. Kevon Williams laid a soft grubber just before contact, Martin Iosefo scooped it up cleanly and offloaded to Ben Pinkelman, who needed just a stiff arm to score. The afters were put through the uprights, cutting the deficit to 12 at halftime.

The first six minutes of the half were frustrating for Eagles fans. They played great defense, but couldn’t’ stop turning the ball over and struggled to get out of their own end. That was until Perry Baker scored on a chip and chase. He recognized there was no sweeper in the English backfield, kicked over the top and slid onto the ball.

However, he landed awkwardly and hurt his shoulder in the process. The score was converted, pulling the USA to within five at 19-14 with one restart to come. Iosefo skied for the ball but took out an English lifter in the process, picking up a yellow card. England safely toed through the ball and kicked it to touch to take the win.