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When you think Ohio State and CRC, you think of Nate Ebner. He was one of the darlings of the inaugural broadcast, and numerous breakaway runs and crushing tackles proved him worthy of the accolades.

Ebner plays for the Ohio State gridiron squad during the 15s season, but when late spring hits, he's all rugby. Paul Holmes, coach of 1823, a men's competitive 7s team that is a veritable college all-star squad, said after 1823's recent scrimmage with Ohio State, that he doesn't know what's gotten into Ebner, but he's a complete stud.

Ebner brought with him this spring a couple gridiron mates. One of them is James Georgiades, a redshirt freshman fullback and special teamer. At 5-11, 220 pounds, Georgiades has a low center of gravity that won't make him fun to tackle. Such phrases as "scout team workhorse", "tough and strong in every drill" and "outstanding competitor" are used on the Buckeye football website to describe Georgiades. How quickly can he make the transition to rugby?

Ohio State roster:
Kyle Harmon
Jake Edsinger
James Georgiades
William Fell
Robert Rhodes
James Emmenecker
Nevin Heard
Chad Cochran
Gareth Willatt
Nate Ebner
Josh Barkhurst
Scott Messi

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