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The Midwest Men's 7s Series standings have been changed following a disciplinary action on three teams.

This is the second disciplinary action to affect a regional 7s series this week. The issues are the same - clubs were under the impression a player was legal to play, but the player had not submitted his team transfer application in time.

In the case of the Midwest, three teams, the Chicago Lions, the Chicago Griffins, and Chicago Rhino, all fielded an ineligible player during the Minnesota 7s on June 15. The teams all had their ineligible player listed on their roster, and found out later each player had not done his paperwork in time.

The teams involved were docked points from that tournament, and as a result, the Lions are no longer in first place in the Series, and have dropped to a tie for 2nd with 1823 (which earned an extra point because of the re-ordering of finish from Minnesota). The Lions are ahead of 1823 in points difference. The Milwaukee Barbarians are now in first place going into this weekend's tournament in Cleveland.

After that, one more tournament remains, giving all teams involved plenty of opportunity to earn one of two seeds to the national championships.

New Midwest Standings:

Team Played Pts
1 Barbarians (Milwaukee, WI) 3 30
2 Lions (Chicago, IL) 3 28
3 1823 (Columbus, OH) 3 28
4 Youngbloodz (Minneapolis, MN) 3 21
5 Griffins (Chicago, IL) 3 20
6 WMU (Kalamazoo, MI) 3 20
7 WRFC (Madison, WI) 3 15
8 Rhino (Chicago, IL) 3 8
9 Wolfpack (Woodbury, MN) 2 7
10 Gazelles (Grand Rapids, MI) 2 5
11 Wolfhounds (Cincinnati, OH) 2 4