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Both the men's and women's USA Falcons have reached the finals of their respective divisions at the Las Vegas Invitational undefeated. The women outscored their opponents by a whopping 215-14, their closest match being a 28-7 win over the Stars to open the tournament. The men accumulated an aggregate score of 159-59, with a few tougher contests.

The women saw familiar foes in the semifinals, as several Eagles laced up for CCIG, including all-time try leader Naya Tapper, Ashlee Byrge and Kelsi Stockert. The Falcons bottled Tapper up well, and the combination of Alev Kelter at flyhalf and Kristi Kirshe at center proved too explosive in attack. Kelter has scored in every match so far. 

Awaiting the women in the final is Scion, which also features a slew of former Eagles. They beat Quebec 12-0 in the other semifinal. 

The men had a couple of closer calls, chief among them being the quarterfinal against Fiji Blond. Travion Clark came up big in that win with two tries. He's come up big all weekend, scoring 10 tries in five matches. He recorded two hat-tricks, against the Misfits in the semifinals and Stars in pool play. 

Awaiting the men in the final are the UR7s Wanderers. They've been equally impressive, with players pulled from all over the world. Both teams are guaranteed to walk away with some cash, with the champion of the Men's Elite Division receiving a $20,000 prize and the runner-up $5,000. Both finals will be played inside Sam Boyd Stadium during a break in USA 7s action Saturday.

SF: 33-0 CCIG Life West
Tries: Rogers, Kirshe, Kelter, Matyas, Morgan
Cons: Kelter (4)

QF: 49-7 ARPTC
Tries: Gray (2), Olsen (3), Kelter, Morgan
Cons: Kelter (7)

Pool 3:  55-0 Air Force

Pool 2: 50-0 Berkeley
Tries: Kirshe, Gray (3), Bizer, Duncan, Kelter (2)
Cons: Bizer, Olsen, Kelter

Pool 1: 28-7 Stars
Tries: Olsen, Kelter, Kirshe, Kenyon
Cons: Kelter

SF: 40-7 Misfits
Tries: Welmers, Schroeder, Wheeler, Clark (3)
Cons: Melphy (5)

QF: 26-21 Fiji Blond
Tries: Clark (2), Welmers, Blair
Cons: Melphy (3)

Pool 3: 31-19 Stars
Tries: Schroeder, Clark (3), Noble
Cons: Melphy (3)

Pool 2: 38-5 Lomaiviti
Tries: Welmers, Schroeder (2), Clark (2), Wheeler
Cons: Melphy (4)

Pool 1: 24-7 Misfits
Tries: Falatea, Fualaau, Waqavesi, Blair
Cons: Melphy (2)