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The first of several sevens combines set up by Men’s National Team coach Al Caravelli is being hosted by the Chicago Lions Sunday. Over 100 players have pre-registered for the workout, which will include the 20-meter Yo-Yo, a 10-meter sprint, 40-meter sprint and a rugby acumen assessment. Caravelli said based on the level of skill at the camp, there may also be a period or two of live action.  

The combine, organized by Lions 7s coach Aaron Manheimer, is designed to give Caravelli a look at more athletes and potential Eagles. The workout is open to anyone, both rugby players and non-rugby players, ages 15 or older.

“This isn’t just non-rugby guys. This is anybody. Anybody 15-years-old on up,” said Caravelli. “We get a kid who’s a stud at 15, 16, he might not make the National Team, but we can start to track him now. And we might be missing some stud rugby players. That’s why it’s an open registration.”

Seven more camps are in the works:

The MARFU all-star coaches are hosting one in Wilmington, Del. June 26 in conjunction with their all-star tryouts.

The South is hosting theirs in Sunday July 3 in conjunction with Cape Fear 7s in Wilmington, NC. Caravelli will not be present for this one, but assistant Andy Katoa will be.

Three more, in Austin, Texas, Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest are planned, but no dates have been set. Northern California and Utah are still possible combine sites.