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Zack Test, Maka Unufe and Carlin Isles are back. Test and Unufe missed the Vancouver tournament due to injury, and Isles for a track competition. In their absence, the Eagles still managed to reach the Cup semifinals. 

The only other change to the team is the inclusion of Peter Tiberio, who is making his first circuit appearance since coach Mike Friday's first tournament with the USA in 2014. Test, Unufe, Isles and Tiberio supplant Seth Halliman, Ben Leatigaga, Pat Blair and Thretton Palamo, all of whom stepped up in Vancouver. 

Included for a third-straight tour is Ben Pinkelman, who is still currently enrolled at Colorado State. Initially, he was thought to be available for just a couple of tournaments, but he's played well enough for the coaching staff to ask more of him. 

"Ben has equipped himself well and continues to improve the more he plays, and gives us added strength in the forwards," Friday said. "We are just very mindful that we balance his studies and ensure that this is not compromised as he has some important exams coming up that we are all confident and supportive that he passes."

Nate Ebner did not make the Eagle squad, having just joined the team at the Olympic Training Center a couple of weeks ago. He will be playing in Hong Kong 10s, though, with Samurai, an international touring side Friday has coached with. 

"The Hong Kong 10s provides a great opportunity to reintegrate Nate back into the game in a highly-competitive tournament, and playing with the most well-known international invitational team, Samurai International. Nate will be part of a squad with players who have represented their respective countries on the circuit this year."

Men's Eagles Sevens | Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens / HSBC Singapore Sevens 
1. Carlin Isles 
2. Ben Pinkelman 
3. Danny Barrett 
4. Garrett Bender 
5. Zack Test 
6. Peter Tiberio 
7. Folau Niua 
8. Maka Unufe 
9. Nate Augspurger 
10. Madison Hughes (C) 
11. Perry Baker 
12. Martin Iosefo

Men's Eagles Sevens | Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 
v. Portugal - Friday, April 8 @ 6:54 a.m. ET 
v. Argentina - Saturday, April 9 @ 12:48 a.m. ET 
v. Australia - Saturday, April 9 @ 5:10 a.m. ET