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Don't call it the Pac 12 7s. The Pacific Coast 7s will feature most of the programs from the current Pac 12, but as yet no one can officially use that name for this weekend's tournament.

Still, the event looks set to provide plenty of drama as an automatic qualifier for the USA Rugby Collegiate 7s National Championships.
Ten of the 12 schools from the Pac 12 will be at Stanford University this weekend, playing in a two-day tournament.

USC, undoubtedly the weakest rugby school of the conference, will not be there, and neither will historically the strongest, Cal, which cannot make it due to National Championship Week, where they have long-standing commitments on campus.

Cal is expected to participate in the 7s tournament hosted at St. Mary's a week later.

Who is in Palo Alto? 2010 USA 7s CRC champions, and 2011 top four team Utah, as well as recent Northwest Collegiate 7s #3 Oregon State and Plate winners Washington.

For the University of Washington it's a special day as their rugby team will play Stanford at 4pm on Saturday, an hour before Washington plays Stanford in football not far from Steuber Rugby Stadium. (Note on that football game, Stanford's Johnson Bademosi is leading the team in tackles; Bademosi was a star rugby player at Gonzaga HS in DC and a USA age-grade player.)

Stanford, meanwhile, is almost an unknown quantity. They have solid talent and pushed for a national D1AA title last spring.
Other teams to watch:

Utah. Even without Don Pati they remain huge favorites. Tonata Lauti should play for them, but many of their team from the 2011 CRC were seniors, and so this Utes squad promises to be young, but dangerous.

Washington is coached by former Eagle Jeremy Nash - one of a slew of accomplished, young 7s players who have stepped in to help various college programs. They started the Northwest Collegiate 7s 0-2, and then beat Washington State and Idaho to win the Plate. Justin Santos is a real talent.

Washington State has several hard-hitting tacklers and a very good scrumhalf in Patrick Sullivan. Nolan Allen, who played with Old Puget Sound when they won the 2010 national 7s title, is coaching them.

Oregon State is less about speed and more about power, but that doesn't mean they can't play. Mitchell Farghar is a hard-working forward who leads their defense. They finished 3rd at the Northwest 7s.

Oregon can play some rugby and they have finishers like Spencer Ams and Kevin Pieracci. Ultimately 8th out of nine at the Northwest 7s, they were very close in all three of their losses.

UCLA is looking very strong. They lost one game at the Cal Poly 7s this past weekend, to eventual champs St. Mary's.

Colorado is one of the few teams playing a lot of 15s during this part of the fall, but they have always been able to run, and they are training hard. Their roster features several young talents and they could easily surprise everyone.

Arizona will be without Peter Tiberio, but that may be a good thing as they will be forced into a team approach that uses all their talents. If they do come together, then they could sweep the entire competition. Remember, they won all their pool games at the CRC last June before being upset in the quarters.

Arizona State is, like Stanford, something of a wild card, and as such, nobody is particular psyched about playing them.

Current Pacific 7s Schedule

Time Match# DAY 1: Saturday Oct. 22Pool / Teams
9:00 am 1 A: UCLA v Washington
9:20 am 2 A: Stanford v Arizona
9:40 am 3 B: ASU v Oregon
10:00 am 4 B: Colorado v Utah
10:20 am
10:40 am 5 A: WSU v UCLA
11:00 am 6 A: Washington v Arizona
11:20 am 7 B: OSU v ASU
11:40 am 8 B: Oregon v Utah
12:00 pm
12:20 pm 9 A: Stanford v WSU
12:40 pm 10 A: Arizona v UCLA
1:00 pm 11 B: Colorado v OSU
1:20 pm 12 B: Utah v ASU
1:40 pm
2:00 pm 13 A: Washington v WSU
2:20 pm 14 A: UCLA v Stanford
2:40 pm 15 B: Oregon v OSU
3:00 pm 16 B: ASU v Colorado
3:20 pm
3:40 pm 17 A: WSU v Arizona
4:00 pm 18 A: Stanford v Washington
4:20 pm 19 B: OSU v Utah
4:40 pm 20 B: Colorado v Oregon

Time Match# DAY 2: Sunday Oct. 23
9:00 am
9:20 am

9:40 am

10:00 am 21 Consolation Semi: 5 v 8
10:20 am 22 Consolation Semi: 6 v 7
10:40 am 23 Championship Semi: 1 v 4
11:00 am 24 Championship Semi: 2 v 3
11:20 am 25 9th Place Final : 9 v 10
11:40 am
12:00 pm
12:20 pm
12:40 pm 26 7th Place: Losers Match 21 + 22
1:00 pm 27 5th Place: Winners Match 21 + 22
1:20 pm 28 3rd Place Final: Losers Match 23 + 24
1:40 pm 29 Championship Match