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The new IRB 7s promotion/relegation system put into effect this season has created some excitement at the bottom of the standings, and the Eagles are squarely in the middle of all the drama.

The bottom three core teams after Glasgow, the next Series stop on May 4-5, will play in an eight-team tournament in London with Hong Kong, Zimbabawe, Russia, Georgia and Tonga. The top three finishers of that tournament will be core teams in 2013/2014.The others won't.

So current core teams, especially those toward the bottom of the points table, are scrambling to stay out of what's been dubbed the "relegation zone", which is 13-15th place.

The USA is tied with Scotland for 12th, with the final tournament before the relegation competition being in Scotland.

The IRB has confirmed the pool draws for Glasgow, and the Eagles have a winnable pool, with France, Wales and Russia. They're capable of beating and losing to all three. Scotland has a tougher pool, with Series leading New Zealand, Wellington champs England and Portugal in the mix.

The United States could conceivably catch Canada or England to avoid relegation, too, but it would take a good showing in the Cup rounds from the Eagles and a poor showing from Canada and England overall. RUGBYMag will break down the exact scenarios as the Glasgow tournament approaches.

Glasgow Pools
Series Standings Pts
Pool A
1 New Zealand 132
South Africa
2 South Africa 100
3 Fiji 98
4 Samoa 94
5 France 77

Kenya 77
Pool B
7 Wales 68
New Zealand
8 Argentina 62

Australia 62
10 England 58
11 Canada 54

12 Scotland 46
Pool C

United States 46
14 Portugal 34
15 Spain 25
16 Hong Kong 7
17 Tonga 3

18 Japan 2
Pool D

Uruguay 2

Zimbabwe 2
United States
21 Russia 1