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Kutztown is going back to the Collegiate Rugby Championships with its 29-7 victory over Lindenwood-Belleville at the 2018 Las Vegas Invitational. Playing in front of the crowd at Sam Boyd Stadium, the Golden Bears dominated the Lynx on its way to the qualifier win.

The wind took Kutztown’s opening kickoff out of bounds giving the Lynx the free kick. Sloppy back and forth play ensued the restart but Lindenwood-Belleville retained possession. The Lynx tried to get through the defense, however, a turnover allowed the Golden Bears their first opportunity with the ball. Kutztown moved the pill all the way to the goal line but was stopped short with a knock-on penalty at the last meter.

Lindenwood-Belleville attempted to move out of the 22 with a pass out to the wing but the Lynx stepped on the sideline just as he got around the defender. After a penalty, KU’s D’Montae Noble exposed a gap in the center of the defense for the try. Kutztown slotted the conversion to lead 7-0 with two minutes left.

On the next kickoff, the KU stepped up the pressure on defense driving Lindenwood-Belleville back inside its five-meter line. The reduced space forced a bad pass and pick for the Golden Bears followed by the easy dot down.

Up 14-0 with the momentum, Kutztown forced another turnover on defense. Offloading and crisp passing ended in a third try for the Golden Bears. The conversion was wide, but KU led 19-0 at the half.

Lindenwood-Bellville began the second half with a low kick to KU.  With space in the middle, Noble stepped through the defense into the Lynx zone. A pass out the wing found the free man for Kutztown’s fourth try in the corner. With the missed conversion, Kutztown increased its tally to 24-0.

The subsequent KU kickoff rolled over the dead ball line giving the Lynx the free kick at midfield. Lindenwood-Belleville’s advance fell short turning it over to KU. Noble took over again carving up the defense before passing out to the wing. A timely offload to Keagan Barnes sent him sprinting to the corner for the try.

With less than three minutes remaining, Lindenwood-Belleville finally broke the shutout as Ben Martin raced 60 meters for the Lynx’s lone try of the final. Receiving the ball on the next restart, Lindenwood-Belleville tried to catch the edge but didn’t have space. Following a penalty, KU kicked the ball behind the defense to burn clock. The decision worked as the Lynx failed to move the ball out of its zone and the game ended on a KU penalty.

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03.03.18 Las Vegas, Nevada
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