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OPSB and SFGG look very strong in the opening rounds of the Pacific Coast Men's 7s Championships in Seattle.

Led by thE field generalship of Abel Gollings, Seattle OPSB is an easy 2-0. 

"We've won big but you hold yourself to a certain competitive level, and we know we will be challenged by Olympic Club," said Gollings.

Olympic Club, with USA player Colin Hawley dominating, is also 2-0. SFGG, led by Mose Timoteo and some great play from Tim Maupin, is also undefeated and have beaten their toughest competition, Sacramento.

On the women's side, Berkeley have beaten ORSU and the Mudhens, but had to work for it. Seattle beat the Mudhens, barely, and tied ORSU in. Disputed game ... ORSU scored when they had eight players on the field.