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The Chicago Lions have won the first tournament of the Midwest Qualifier Series, defeating 1823 33-26 in the final of the Minnesota 7s Saturday.

In winning Pool C, 1823 shut out the Chicago Rhinos and defeated Milwaukee 19-10. The Lions defeated Western Michigan 33-7 in their first pool game, and then shut out a tough YoungBloodz team 12-0 to win Pool A.

Wisconsin were something of a shock winner of Pool B, shutting out the Chicago Griffins 29-0 and Woodbury 17-10.

In the quarters, the Lions edged the YoungBloodz 12-5, 1823 won in a forfeit over Western Michigan, Wisconsin took down Woodbury 24-7, and Milwaukee edged the Griffins 19-10.

That set up the semifinals, where 1823 defeated Milwaukee 21-14, and the Lions beat Wisconsin 21-7.

Final Minnesota 7s standings
1- Chicago Lions
2- 1823
3- Milwaukee
4- Wisconsin (aka Madtown 7s)
5- YoungBloodz
6- Chicago Griffins
7- Woodbury Wolfpack
8- W. Michigan
9- Chicago Rhinos

That is also the standings for the Midwest Series, as this is the first event of the season.