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We also got a chance to see a little crossover with Old Blue and 1823 going to Cape Fear. And, theoretically, we got a chance to clear up how the West will be won.

That last thing didn't happen. Kansas City weathered the supremely hot weather better than Denver, the Exiles and Glendale and won, but does that mean they are better than all three? Denver, after all, won in Houston. We're not sure, to be honest, and in examining it all give Denver the benefit of the doubt ... somewhat. The Barbarians drop to #10, but stay ahead of the rest of the West teams. The Exiles stay ahead of Glendale even though the two teams have traded wins. In total, Woodlands Exiles have scored five tries in those two games, and Glendale scored four, so we keep the Exiles ahead a little.

Kansas City moves in to #12. We still haven't cleared this up.

Hawaii champs Tama Laei Lions jump in at #14, while the Marist Hawaii squad ties with Atlanta Old White at #20.

There is still plenty to figure out. No team is safe, even though we haven't changed the top three all summer. One slip-up and one upset and some team (Old Aztecs?) could jump a long way.

One thing we have noticed this summer, is that teams that bring in lots of players struggle with unity. Teams that are able to play a lot together, or use as their central core players that are normally on their 15s club, have been performing better. Whether that remains the case is to be seen ... certainly the newly-assembled teams are getting experience.

2012 Men Club 7s Rankings July 3 2012
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 OPSB No reason to drop them
2 2 Chicago Lions
3 3 Schuylkill River
4 5 SFGG Won again over Olympic Club
6 7 Old Aztecs
7 8 Olympic Club Second to SFGG again, but closer this time.
8 9 Maryland Exiles
9 10 YoungBloodz
10 4 Denver 4th in Kansas City
11 11 NYAC
12 Unr Kansas City Blues Won Kansas City
13 13 Woodlands Exiles 3rd in Kansas City
14 Unr Tama Laei Lions Won Hawaii
15 18 Glendale 2nd in Kansas City
16 12 Old Blue Decent showing in Cape Fear
17 14 1823 Decent showing in Cape Fear
18 15 Belmont Shore
19 16 Mystic River
20t Unr Marist Hawaii Probably second-best team in Hawaii
20t 17 Atlanta Old White