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Below are the rosters for the Men's 7s National All Star Championships Friday and Saturday in Chula Vista, Calif.

Some of them are incomplete as teams scramble to find injury replacements and finalize travel plans. And Eagles 7s coach Alex Magleby is also looking to place some Eagle pool players on rosters, too.

The All Americans roster is also incomplete at this point, and we will add it and update others as more information becomes available.  

Pat Boyle - Schuylkill River
Tom Francisco - NOVA
Randy Helsman - Schuylkill River
Gareth Jones - Schuylkill River
Toshi Palamo - NOVA
Ben Paul - Pittsburgh Harlequins
Alfred Quaranivalu - Maryland Exiles
Akinola Raymond - Maryland Exiles
James Rosato - Schuylkill River
Nicardo Swinson - Washington
Saula Sucu "Junior" - Maryland Exiles
Glen Thommes - Wilmington

Head coach: Biddy Boyle

Alec Agate - Youngbloodz
Eddie Bluemel - Chicago Lions
Ed Cassidy - Chicago Lions
Kevin Garbis - Chicago Blaze
Jordan Highberger - Chicago Lions
Josh Holland - 1823
Josh Kramer - Milwaukee Westside Harlequins
Dominic Mauer - 1823
Justin Patterson - Milwaukee Westside Harlequins
Mike Pellagalli - CARPS
Dan Wright - Chicago Lions

Head coach - Aaron Manheimer
Manager - Patrick O'Reilly


Steve Strydom - Old Blue
Derek Lipscomb - Old Blue
Kyle Granby - Old Blue
Elliott Wangaard - Old Blue
Chris Chapman - NYAC
Chris Mattina - NYAC
Duran Vota - Rhode Island/Boston
Jared Collinson - Middlesex
Vini Daley - Middlesex
Jon Kokinda - Middlesex
Mike Hunnewell - Boston

Head coach: Sean Horan

Pacific Coast
Mile Pulu - SFGG
Tyler Harrison - Olympic Club
Jack Halalilo - EPA bulldogs
Tim Stanfill - OPSB
Mike Nelson - OPSB
Isimeli Daveta - OPSB
Brett Willis - Sacramento Lions
Bubba Jones - Olympic Club
Kingsley McGowan - Saint Mary's
Mose Timoteo - SFGG
Allen Sofara - Sturgeons
Siupeli Sakalia - EPA Rzorbacks

Joel Scott - Sacramento Lions
Viliami Huihui - San Mateo

Coach & Manager - John Tyler
Coach - Mark Bass
Doctor Terrence Cronin

Ben Winiarczyk Auburn
Amir Khan - At large
Matt Hughston - Charlotte
Saade Bou-Mikael - New Orleans
Bobby Allen - Charlotte
Jeff Reuther (C) - New Orleans
Marc Dunn - New Orleans
Justin Bourgeois - Charlotte
Anthony Alexander - Little Rock
Leroy Whitner - Atlanta Renegades
Dewayne Parks - Daytona
Mu Cabbell - Georgia Southern

Jon Ross - Georgia
Steve Wertepny - Florida State

Head Coach - Julie McCoy
Asst. Coach - Alex Houser
Manager - Kirk Swanner
Trainer - Sean Borman

Southern California
Peter Dahl - Belmont Shore
Duncan Kelm - Belmont Shore
Peter Sio - Marist Hawaii
Zack Shapiro - OMBAC
Jack Tracy - Belmont Shore
Ryan Thompson - Tempe
Zach Pangelinan - OMBAC
Kameron Moeller - Belmont Shore
Mike Te’o - Belmont Shore
Ollie Craig - Belmont Shore
Justin Boyd - San Diego Old Aztecs
Apelu Sooalo - Marist Hawaii

Head coach: James Walker
Assistant coach: Gavin Hickie
Assistant coach:  Jason Raven
Manager: Geno Mazza
Director of SoCal All Stars: Jeremy Ognall

Paul Benade - Woodlands Exiles
Logan Collins - Denver Barbarians
Brian Guillen - Woodlands Exiles
Taylor Howden - Denver Barbarians
Jake Humphrey - Denver Barbarians
Carlin Isles - Aspen
David Keane - Dallas Harlequins
Hunter Leland - Denver Barbarians
Kelly Mercer - Kansas City Blues
Kelton Miller - Oklahoma Rugby Academy
Dewon Reed - Glendale Raptors
Spencer Scott - Glendale Raptors

Head coach: Andre Snyman
Manager: Howard Kent
West 7s Director: Gregg Jarvis