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With three qualifiers in the books, the Northeast Region has begun to take shape.  Rugbymag staff has determined that four teams have a realistic shot at qualification.

Old Blue 1 tops the group with 76 points and has placed itself with an excellent chance of qualifying. With another solid performance at Princeton, Old Blue 1 can punch their ticket to nationals. 

Long Island and Middlesex are currently competing for that second qualifier spot out of the Northeast. At the moment, Middlesex, which remains 10 points behind Old Blue 1, leads Long Island by four points for second place.

Morris sits 14 points back of Middlesex. They have a realistic shot at qualifying but will most likely need a tournament victory and help from an underdog.

The fourth qualifier will be a little bit of a shakeup from the previous three, because only six teams have entered into the field.  Both Boston and Mystic have elected to not enter into this qualifier.  The four qualifying contenders along with White Plains and NYAC will make up the field of six this weekend.

Instead of a cup format, the best record of a round robin tournament will determine the winner of this Northeast Qualifier.

The day is sure to be filled with intense rugby. Make sure you stay until 5PM.  In the final games of the day Middlesex will battle Old Blue 1 while Morris take on Long Island. If previous tournaments are any indicator, the final games of the day will determine the winner of this qualifier.

This is the penultimate tournament in the Northeast Series, while every other region decides its winners this Saturday.