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Club 7s 2014

This year’s National Club 7s Championship raised the bar on many levels.  With an estimated 8,00 people in attendance over the course of the weekend and 3,200 spectators for Sunday’s final matches, the Seattle OPSB (an affiliate club of the Seattle Saracens) and Serevi Rugby marketed to the community at large.   The event was one of the most highly attended domestic club rugby events in our nation’s history. 

In addition to being well attended, it was efficiently orchestrated.  Serevi Co-Founder Julie Prentice praised Seattle OPSB for their 100 volunteers who worked around the clock to assure that each team was very well supported.  “We wanted to create a professional experience for the athletes.”  Ross Young, Serevi CEO added  “The important thing for us this weekend and in general is that we look after teams to ensure that they have support mechanisms in place, both men and women equally.  Our priority is to create a professional environment that also allows everyone to have the best possible time while here.” 

Alex Magelby, who was recently appointed the USA Men’s Director of 7’s was impressed with the caliber of play displayed all weekend long.  “The competition was a very big step forward for club rugby.  A number of individuals we have been watching progressed up the ladder.  Overall, it was a great rugby weekend.”

He noted that various venues such as Serevi RugbyTown Sevens, which will take place in Glendale, Colorado August 14-15, 2014, serve as excellent platforms for scouting and player recruitment.  Several players competing in this past weekend’s Club Championship were also seen at Houston’s Elite City Sevens in June.

Magelby commented on his excitement for the future of the Olympic development program with the addition of USA 7s Men’s Head Coach Mike Friday and Assistant Chris Brown.  “Coach Friday is arguably the best in the business.  It’s a great opportunity to work with and learn from him. “    

Serevi and Seattle OPSB welcome the opportunity to host other rugby events in the future including IRB sanctioned ones.  With Ross Young’s extensive World Cup experience and business acumen, it would a great opportunity for the USA and international rugby community at large.