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Schuylkill and Exiles wrestling for 1st. Evan Lappen photo

The 7s season continues in the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) this weekend with the second qualifier at the 24th Annual Slug 7s. Rocky Gorge is hosting the tournament in Columbia, MD.

Each event matters more as there will be only three qualifier tournaments this season. The two teams with the most series points at the end of the series will advance to Nationals.

The Maryland Exiles won the important six series points in the victory over Schuylkill River two weeks ago at Blue Ball 7s in Wilmington, Del. Additionally, Norfolk received two points for winning the third place game against NOVA. Pittsburgh, Baltimore Chesapeake, Raleigh, and Rocky Gorge will look to make some noise this weekend at Slug 7s.

The pools for Slug 7s have not been announced; however, the tournament will feature most of the teams that competed at the previous qualifier. The Maryland Exiles, Schuylkill River, Norfolk, NOVA, Pittsburgh, Baltimore Chesapeake, Raleigh, and Rocky Gorge will challenge for the tournament title.

“If history is any indication, then Schuylkill River is the team to beat in the conference. NOVA, the Maryland Exiles and Norfolk are typically the other squads that really give a run at the top spot," said MAC 7s coordinator Mike Bertoni.

"As for teams that came away [from the previous tournament] without any series points, Pittsburgh Pandemonium looks like they had some tough luck with some extremely close losses that kept them out of the semis. Rocky Gorge has proven in years past that they can put it together, as they won a qualifier event last year. I wouldn’t discount their chances with the last two events right in their back yard. Really, it looks like this might be one of the more competitive summers we’ve had in years with several teams battling with a real shot to get themselves to Nationals.”

This year’s Slug 7s will feature almost 50 teams in five divisions. The three men’s divisions, a women’s division, and a high school division will play on four fields at the East Columbia Library in Columbia.