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Seattle Old Puget Sound Beach waltzed through the Can-Am 7s to win the Pacific Northwest qualifier to the Pacific Coast finals Saturday in Ferndale, Wash.

Seattle OPSB was bolstered by a bushel of internationals and All Americans in their effort, and they finished the day crushing Seattle-area club Eastside 55-0.

Eastside took 2nd, hosts Chuckanut Bay 3rd in the qualifier, and Valley of Maple Valley, Wash., third.

In the final, OPSB got an early try from Patrick Blair, who dummied his way through the Eastside line.

Then Blair scored again as Eastside kicked to get out of trouble. Shane Moore gathered the kick easily, and passed a long pass to Ben Gollings, who drew all sorts of attention before sending it wide.

Moore then scored the next one, after Mike Palefau ripped the ball out of an Eastside player's hands, and Blair sent a pass out to his wing.

Eastside made some promising moves when they moved the ball, but they seemed overmatched for speed, and as a result couldn't get out of their own end. Seattle-OPSB's fourth try went to Moore when Eastside turned over the ball in a scrum. Gollings pounced on it and was off - stopped he flipped an audacious backhand pass to Emosi Vucago, who sent it wide to Moore for the wing's second.

Eastisde surged into the OPSB half after that, but left the ball unattended at the back of a ruck. Vucago took it, and sent Moore in for the speedster's third.

OPSB started four players with international experience, and yet their first five tries had gone to non-internationals, as the stars were only too happy to draw attention and pass.

Finally Gollings, the all-time leading IRB World Series points-scorer, grubbered through and did well to shrug off some off-the-ball attention to re-gather, but he was, to his dismay, called for pushing off the ball himself.

With the game well in hand for the Seattle team, the contest degenerated somewhat into sloppiness. Halftime came with the score still 31-0 for OPSB.

In the second half, the internationals finally got on the board, when good defense put the ball on the ground, Vucago set off, fed Miles Craigwell, who might have gone all the way but dished to Gollings for the try. 38-0.

Gollings then set up sub Tim Stanfill on a scissor to make it 45-0, and good hands put Gollings away in the corner to make it 50-0.

Stanfill scored another from long range, making it five tries for the OPSB wings, and that was it. 55-0.

OPSB goes into the Pacific Coast Championships as one of the top seeds.