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San Francisco Golden Gate won their third straight Northern California 7s Series tournament, beating Olympic Club in the final of the Sacramento 7s to win the series and clinch a top seed to the Pacific Coast Championships next weekend in Seattle.

Olympic Club clinched 2nd with their performance, while the Sacramento Lions took third in the tournament, and also third overall in the series.

Those three teams are set to go to the Pacific Coast Championships. the fourth team to go has not been confirmed. Santa Rosa finished 4th in Sacramento, but had been docked points due to a paperwork mistake. That opened the door for San Jose, which faced the EPA Bulldogs for 5th. Is San Jose had won, they would have secured 4th. However, the Bulldogs won, putting EPA and San Jose in a tie. The tiebreaker (most tries scored) was very close before the tournament, and remained close, but San Jose scored more, 33 to EPA's 31.

The paperwork issue that affected Santa Rosa also effected EPA, and not only negated the Bulldogs' points from their first tournament, but also their tries total. Had they been legal and finished last in the first event, the Bulldogs would have qualified for the finals.

However, Santa Rosa, had they not fielded an ineligible player, and kept their points from the first week, where they finished 2nd, they would have been 3rd in the series.

However, the standings should look like this:

1st SFGG 24 pts
2. Olympic Club 21
3. Sacramento Lions 16
4. San Jose 9
5. EPA Bulldogs 9
6. Santa Rosa 8
7. Fresno 8
8. Diablo 7