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Kevin Swiryn and Brett Thompson have suffered knee injuries that will keep them off the field in Sydney and potentially much longer. Thompson was on the traveling squad last week in Wellington and sufferred a torn ACL Wednesday. He will presumably be out until after the Rio Olympics. 

The severity of Swiryn's injury is not yet publicly known, but he went down untouched while cutting in the Plate semifinal against Australia Saturday. If it's an ACL tear, he too would likely be out until after the Olympics. 

Martin Iosefo is coming in to replace Swiryn for Sydney. With Maka Unufe being unavailable because of a family issue and Swiryn's injury, the Eagles are now light in the centers. Thretton Palamo was the only pure center left at the end of Wellington. 

Both Thompson and Swiryn have struggled with injuries throughout their careers, Thompson having to rehab upon his return from Europe last spring and Swiryn having retired in 2011 due to mounting injuries. 

"There have been a lot of messages of well wishes from the rugby community, thank you everyone! All of us appreciate your love and support of the Eagles. Yes, I injured my knee, but to what extent I'm not sure of at this time," Swiryn posted on Facebook.

"One thing I've learned is life will always bring challenges your way. Maybe it's "not fair" or maybe it's just life! Obstacles are not blockages, they are meant to be overcome. I will continue on my ‪#‎RoadToRio‬, but first it'll be through the ‪#‎RoadToRecovery‬. I will forever stay positive and thankful for the moments I've had, no matter what. This team is special and will find more and more success. So honored to have played with them as much as I have.

"I hope that when people go through their daily lives they don't take any of it for granted, ever. Whatever is important to you, It can be lost or taken from you in a moment...we have little to no control. So here's a reminder we've all heard before, 'live your life to its fullest!'"

"For those of you who don't know I tore my ACL this past Wednesday," Thompson posted on Instagram. "I love this sport and it's a risk every time you step on the pitch but I wouldn't have it any other way. In the words of the Terminator, I'll be back!!"