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Arizona made a concerted effort to simply pin Temple in the Owls' end and force errors. The plan worked well and the Wildcats pulled off a turnover and after a couple of false stars Peter Tiberio quick-tapped and showed surprising strength in carrying several players over the line.

Tiberio then showed his skill and power, kicking through the Temple line and brushed aside two Temple players who tried to get in his way to gather up the bouncing ball and score his second.

Then Tiberio broke through long range for his third, showing this time his pace and fitness.

That pressure policy seemed like a good idea, and down 21-0 Temple resolved to play in the Arizona half. They succeeded, thanks in large part to some runs from Gareth Jones. But Arizona's defense was patient and held. Devin Sugg looked to be away in the corner for Temple, but Cody Naber grabbed the back and flung him unceremoniously into touch.

In the end, as so often happens in such cases, it was the team that played the defense that scored. Brett Thompson got the Wildcats moving, and eventually some snappy team play gave Tiberio enough space for his fourth. Rarely is the player who scores all the points automatically the star, but such was the case in this game, as it was the Peter Tiberio show from start to finish.