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With summer 7s qualifying getting under way, Texas Rugby Union is also hosting its annual TOLA 7s series. TOLA, which aims to create a competitive atmosphere and structured competition for teams that do not wish to compete for a national championship, is a series of five tournaments held throughout the summer. The team with the most points at the end of the series will be crowned the champion.

TOLA began June 14th with the Denton 7s. The Dallas Harlequins defeated the Dallas Reds for the Cup Championship. Both Dallas-based teams will be playing in the national qualifier tournament and most likely are using TOLA tournaments as a tune up. While they will get points in the TOLA series, it is not clear if they will compete in all TOLA tournaments leaving the bracket wide open.

In the second weekend of TOLA action, The Austin Huns hosted its 17th-annual Bloodfest 7s. Prickly Pear FC, who is associated with Alamo City RFC, won the weekend edging out Dallas RFC for the Cup Championship. The host Huns took the Plate Championship while the Lone Star RC took home Bowl honors.

The next two tournaments will take place in Dallas. After the Lone Star Sevens and the Mudfish 7s, the TOLA series will finish in Shreveport, LA with the Horseshoe 7s.

After two tournaments, the Harlequins, the Reds and Bonobos are all tied with 12 points.  

Dallas Harlequins12
Dallas Reds12
Austin Blacks8
Prickly Pear7
Little Rock6
Ft. Hood5
El Paso4
Oklahoma City3