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The University of Central Florida won the first leg of the Florida college 7s series downing Florida State in the process.

Getting better all through the day, UCF finished their run with a shutout of FSU, a blowout (and shutout) of the Naples U23s, and then a 24-5 defeat of Florida State in the final.

“We started out slowly against Embry-Riddle,” said UCF club president Jason Ross. “But we slowly got into playing rugby the way we can play it. I thought our semi against Naples was an excellent game. Every single play we ran worked. Every play we broke through and got into a scoring position. In the second half, we would score, win the restart, and go again. I think we were on defense just once.”

James Boozer took home the tournament MVP award, as the wing led the UCF scoring charge.

“This was a great tournament for us,” said Boozer. “The team just kept getting closer. The backs worked the ball better than I have seen them, and Gerhard Veit just did a great job putting guys into space.”

The Central Florida team now looks ahead to next week’s tournament and a full-strength Florida team. The Gators sent their 1st team to play in Atlanta.

“We feel confident and we are looking forward to playing Florida’s 1st side, for sure,” enthused Ross.