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Commenting on RugbyToday.com
With our new website and commenting system, you do not have to subscribe to comment. However, you do need to register with a valid email address. We welcome thoughtful, non-confrontational comments from our readers and will continue to monitor the comments to ensure that they hold to a standard.

In the past we have run into reasons to shut down commenting - this is not our preference - often when commenters pretend to be someone else. If you wish to say something provocative, say it in your own voice. Commenters who pretend to be other people (that is, assume the identity of a real person, rather than a username) will be banned.

If you see comments you think are out of line, let us know at [email protected]

The new RugbyToday.com gives readers the ability to post. This is an excellent way to:

  • Post a score of a game involving your team
  • Post a game report
  • Let us know about something going on with your club off the field
  • Get started as a writer for RUGBYMag

When you post, the article or score does not appear until Rugby Today staff approves it, and the article can be seen in Reader Posts, or might be put into regular article rotation, depending on the toppic and quality of the article.