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One way to think about why we find watching sports interesting is that the games, seasons, and tournaments are good stories. The athletic spectacle is nice, but we need more than that. Ethan, who is still in the single digits in terms of professional fifteens matches watched, continues to think that rugby looks good when compared to American football, but he's still more excited about the NFL season than the rugby championship. The task now is to give Ethan compelling stories, or the right information so he can find his own narratives.

In thinking about how rugby moves further into the American sporting conversation, those of us already hooked on rugby need to be aware of the kinds of narratives American rugby is offering and how they are packaged.

In this conversation, we talk about the USA Club Sevens, The Rugby Championship, and the upcoming PRO12 and Top14 competitions. Of course, the man himself—Dan Carter—gets a few minutes.

For the unitiated, here is part of the post which introduced The Carter Divide:

"My brother, Ethan, and I have never had much trouble keeping a conversation going, and early in July, he suggested we start having some conversations focused on rugby and making a podcast out of them. What I heard was, “Make me care about rugby as much as you do.” Fictional challenge accepted for real.

Ethan started playing in college and hasn’t really stopped, though the matches are becoming fewer these days.

Despite what we have in common as brothers and as guys who love(d) playing the game, there is a serious difference in how we view rugby—as a committed fan and as a potential fan.

For those who are already rugby fans, we hope to offer a few interesting tidbits and reminders about how some who aren’t fans see the game. For those who aren’t serious fans, we hope to offer advice and help in understanding the game. Here is what we've been talking about so far."