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In the latest episode of The Carter Divide, Ethan and I talk about a couple of recent Saracens' matches, among other things. 

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Being able to watch rugby on television makes the experience better for Ethan, so that leads us to focus for now on the Aviva Premiership. Ethan is not unique in this preference, and there isn't anything new in observing that having rugby on television makes it easier for non-dedicated fans to find. However, as a guy who seeks rugby out online rather than waiting for it to pop up on my channel guide, I can forget what a big deal this is.

While no one would be surprised that I think that rugby should be on tv--and that it would be good for broadcasters and advertisers--it is perhaps worth noting just how much Ethan enjoys what he ends up watching. It took absolutely no coaxing to get Ethan excited about the Hong Kong 7s. Unsurprisingly, I am also excited. Ethan's excitement, though, is a direct consequence of having watched the USA men's team play well in Las Vegas and Vancouver. It is easier to root for and get excited about a winner, and the USA 7s men can win any match they play.

I also sent him a couple highlights of college rugby, which provides more meat for the episodes. Having watched part of the second match of the recent women's Can-Am series, Ethan also asks my thoughts on the support women's rugby receives.  

Speaking of Chris Ashton and the Wasps v Leinster match, swan dives came up. Jake confused Ollie le Roux with Willie le Roux. Oops. The dream of every winger is to be confused with a prop, as we know.