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My brother, Ethan, and I have never had much trouble keeping a conversation going, and early in July, he suggested we start having some conversations focused on rugby and making a podcast out of them. What I heard was, “Make me care about rugby as much as you do.” Fictional challenge accepted for real.

Ethan started playing in college and hasn’t really stopped, though the matches are becoming fewer these days.

Despite what we have in common as brothers and as guys who love(d) playing the game, there is a serious difference in how we view rugby—as a committed fan and as a potential fan.

The podcast is The Carter Divide. We’ve recorded a few episodes now. Our conversations have ranged from sevens, to PRO Rugby, to Super Rugby and beyond. To get a full sense of how the conversation is evolving, listen from Episode 1. To listen to the most current and timely conversation, listen to Episode 5.

All five episodes can be downloaded on iTunes.

They can also be downloaded here.

For those who are already rugby fans, we hope to offer a few interesting tidbits and reminders about how some who aren’t fans see the game. For those who aren’t serious fans, we hope to offer advice and help in understanding the game. Here is what we've been talking about so far.

Episode 1: Olympic Build Up

In this episode, we talk about some matches from the 2015-2016 HSBC World Series.  Ethan's never really watched sevens before, so hopefully we can get him excited for the Olympics...after he learns that there will be rugby at the Olympics.

Episode 2: PRO Rugby

For Episode 2, we watched San Francisco host San Diego in PRO Rugby.  Because we recorded at the end of some good ol' family time, we were able to watch together.

Episode 3: Ethan is Exposed to Super Rugby

Progress is being made in converting Ethan to a rugby fan.  Watching Super Rugby did not improve his perspective on PRO Rugby, though.

Episode 4: 'Canes Into the Finals; Ready for Rio

Ethan's crush on Beauden Barrett gets a little stronger as the brothers discuss the Super Rugby semifinal, looming Olympics, and the PRO Rugby season conclusion. The brothers were again in the same room for this recording, and Jake managed not to storm out when Ethan admitted he'd forgotten there would be rugby in the Olympics.

Episode 5: Super Rugby Finals (Finally) and Olympic Chatter

The brothers take a (slightly delayed) look at the Super Rugby final in this episode, as well as talking about the Olympics. That Olympic talk was a bit painful for Jake, but Ethan found some positives in the viewing experience. As an added bonus, this conversation also revealed that Jake forgot his nephews' birthday. Nice.