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We've posted 10 episodes now of The Carter Divide, and the dynamic of the conversation is starting to shift as Ethan loses a bit of his novice status each week. Sometimes it is easy to forget that for all that is new to Ethan in being a rugby fan, he still has a strong playing-based foundation. One of the things that came up this week was how inscrutable rugby can seem to those who find the game online or on tv.  

Ethan, with his playing experience, understands the general shape of the game and most laws. He wasn't used to watching high-level rugby--or any rugby on tv--so he still has questions about things he's seeing, but he's not totally baffled.

I float one expensive idea on how to cater broadcasts to both the initiated and the baffled.

This was also our first weekend chat when the rugby Ethan was supposed to watch competed with the NFL. For sure, I was nervous about what would happen once the NFL season started. I am a little less nervous now.

In terms of matches, this week focused on the Rugby Championship. I would have watched more of the European league matches, but I was pretty busy playing Stratego. However, we've targeted Sale Sharks vs. Gloucester Rugby for this week. Hopefully, this will be a chance for Ethan to watch Aj MacGinty which could be the nudge he needs to start thinking about and caring about the USA Eagles. 

About The Carter Divide: 

Ethan started playing rugby at Dartmouth, and he's struggled to stop playing ever since.  However, until recently, he's never taken any steps toward becoming a a rugby fan.  His younger brother, Jake, has attempted to push him toward fandom more than once.  This time, the pushing might just work.

After Jake's playing "career" was over, he became a pretty serious fan.  Eventually, he stopped simply shouting at the tv and started writing.  Now he writes for Rugby Today.

If rugby in America is going to grow, it needs guys like Ethan--who had a positive experience playing the game--to become fans.  Jake is doing his best to make sure that happens.