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Rugby Today: This is the West Point Girls Rugby Camp’s second year: What do you offer?

Coach Lara Vivolo: Our camp will give young female athletes time and training to develop and improve abilities in fundamental skills and tactics of rugby in a healthy and positive environment. This year, we anticipate more girls enrolled  so we can spend more time to improve players in their specific positional roles; such as scrums, line outs, strategic kicking, etc. 

Rugby Today: When does camp start?

Coach Lara Vivolo:  This summer, there are two sessions: Camp #1 will run from Thursday June 28th to July 1st while Camp #2 will be from Thursday, July 12th to July 15th.  

Rugby Today:  Who are the new coaches?

Coach Lara Vivolo: We are very excited to add Eagle legend and World Rugby Hall of Famer, Phaidra Knight, named USA Female Player of the last Decade. And also, new for us is Tiffany Faee, Eagle and Captain of the recent USA Women's World Cup fifteen.

Rugby Today: Other facts for would be campers?

Coach Lara Vivolo:  The camp is open to all girls 7th-12th grade, or 12-18 years of age. We are excited to be hosting two camps this summer that will provide multiple opportunities for female athletes to develop as rugby players. The girls will learn what their potential can be and to realize goals. Finally, the campers will experience a unique college environment at the beautiful and historical West Point, New York, facility that overlooks the Hudson River.

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